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i know i have to wait so i can get back with my boyfriend....but what if hes too

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    itsveehereposted 7 years ago

    i know i have to wait so i can get back with my boyfriend....but what if hes too shy and he wont...

    well....we've been together for quite a while....but lately he was really stressed with some exams .....i have him some space so i wont distract him.....his exams are over...but he is very cold and distant so we decided to go on a break....but he said he wants to remain friends if we break up...his family is stupidly close to me and they also asked me to remain friends with him if we actually break up forever...its just a small break...but how long shall i wait till i make contact with him again...i love him...and i really want him back ..your page is really helpful btw and very interesting smile

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    shyan123posted 7 years ago

    alright so if u love him then love him he might love you 2 but is kinda pushing u away because he might not no if u love him tell him how u fill and take it step by step.

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    RhyannonDorothyposted 6 years ago

    I had the exact same problem!
    i gave my ex space because his exams were stressing him out and just remained distant until he finally ended it.

    we spilt up 3 months ago and have only just started speaking again, but the time apart from eachother did us the world of good. we now speak pretty much everyday and are becoming close again.
    just make sure he knows you care for him and you still want him in your life and im sure in time things will work out?
    all you can do is be a friend to him.

    i hope this helps you smile
    and i hope you manage to sort things with him smile

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    Avalon.posted 6 years ago

    You should tell him that you love and miss him. smile