my boyfriend of 5 years 2 kids and a home has been saving pictures of his ex in

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    mego2188posted 7 years ago

    my boyfriend of 5 years 2 kids and a home has been saving pictures of his ex in his phone...when...

    i found them which is the girl who messed up the first time he keeps telling me he doesnt know the big deal with having pictures or texting her, and keeps telling me there only friends...wat should i believe??? or matter of fact do?? stay or go?

  2. mistyhorizon2003 profile image94
    mistyhorizon2003posted 7 years ago

    Well I wouldn't be too comfortable with it unless you all went out as friends together, and even then it is a bit weird. I would especially not appreciate the photos in the phone though, they would have to go. If he respects you he will stop all of this, if not, speak to her and try to find out what her stance is. You could always explain it is effecting your relationship and that if she really is 'just' his friend, she will back off in order to protect his relationship with you and his children.

  3. barbergirl28 profile image77
    barbergirl28posted 7 years ago

    That is just a bad situation. While I believe people can be friends after a breakup (after all, they broke up because romantically things didn't work), but his need to have pictures of her on his phone or to text her just spells problems. The first problem is you are becoming suspicious, which isn't good for a relationship. Even if he is innocent, you will have doubts. The only way to remedy this is to have a good heart to heart talk with him. If he is worth keeping, he will listen to what you have to say and respect you for it.