So you think you made a mistake. if so when do you tell the person & move on be

  1. blaqcheri profile image60
    blaqcheriposted 7 years ago

    So you think you made a mistake.  if so when do you tell the person & move on because the person...

    you hurt might not be able to forgive you. Or maybe you don't care how the other person feels. So really you were using them for your carnal needs. Wish I knew the truth but then again I set myself up for the other shoe to fall. This changes everything. What to do?

  2. Heart of a Lion profile image56
    Heart of a Lionposted 7 years ago

    I happen to be "the other person" in your scenario at this moment. I found someone to be great friends with, including benefits, and all was well but....Life, stress, lack of honest communication and my own faults created a rift. He has moved on for the most part and we barely speak now. I want to hear from him that he made as many bad choices as I did, that even though it seemed right at first, I must remember all things change. Meaning It's okay to let him/her go but do take accountability for any choices you made during this so that person isn't left feeling that they are at fault and you bear no burden. It's important to tell them how you actually feel about what you need to say if you know it will hurt them.

  3. Lisa4 profile image61
    Lisa4posted 6 years ago

    It's a mistake right... If you really love the other person you should never lie to that person... be honest to them and yourself. You will feel better. If they forgive you then be sure to cherish that Love forever.