hi essy, i have a complicated situation because my ex has kids with someone else

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    psquadposted 7 years ago

    hi essy, i have a complicated situation because my ex has kids with someone else and she moved...

    to arizona with them after the break up, we've been together for 2 years but just broke up last wednesday because he was going to az to see his kids. although it doesnt bother me hes going to see his kids because he does stay in a hotel it bothers me that hes close to her because in our first 6 months together he left me 2x to try to work things out with her and both times he said it was for his kids, i never called him he always came back to me so we've been together since but i cant get over that so im very insecure when he goes out there and we always end up fighting i guess he had enough o

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    meltykissposted 7 years ago

    Hi psquad, I just joined hubpages becos I read your posting, I have the same situation like you, I wanted we can share feeling in this situation....My boyfriend made someone pregnant (on the first sex) and he is not really love her only the way of caring her as she is 20 years younger than my boyfriend. But my bf decided to marry her in 2 months becos he already made 2 ex gfs aborted when he was young, so this time he thinks he should not do the 3rd time and without taking his responsibility for this mistake. We have been together for 2 years, we both deeply in love and have goals for our future. But this happened so fast, within 2 weeks, he decided to marry her and let her moved in without discuss with me. I feel so hurt and we are in a long distance relationship. Now, I am here in his country and have to live by myself cos I lost my home here already. We're still seeing each other and we talked last nite becos of my bad ego (jealously and insecurities) made our relationship have this outcome today even this girl is not existed. I understand more or less that it is my problem. Now I am using all time here to upgrading my well being. He said he still not sure he will marry her or not and no one knows what will happen tmr. He said he don't know he is happy with her now and I feel he is kind of pushing himself to love her.

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