she has gone home to england ,she been there for about 8months on the phone with

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    bigpond.mailposted 7 years ago

    she has gone home to england ,she been there for about 8months on the phone with her ever day...

    and now she said she doesn't what to come back here and she said she love me but not in love with me ..

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    webguyonlineposted 7 years ago

    hmmm, i think one of the best options for you is to visit her on England regularly. :-)

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    ExtremeSpellsposted 7 years ago

    If you feel she is gone for certain then it is best to NOT torture yourself by visiting her.  What you need to do is make HER want to come back.  At this stage in the game it will be a bit difficult but not impossible.  The LAST thing you need to do is sound desperate.  Women are attracted to confidence and even though it feels like you are going against the grain, you need to act happy for her.  Express how much you are in love with her but do not appear weak.  Remember, begging her will only make things worse.  You need to make her WANT to come back.  How you do this only you know but the answer that applies to all women is do not appear to be sad, desperate, insecure, or that you will do anything for her.  Some women may find this appealing but I assure you, you will lose her faster then you can imagine if you act this way.  I wish you great luck with her my friend.  Remember, there are many more relationships waiting for you that are not in other countries.  ALL THE BEST!  Sam