Do you like a hairy chest man or a smooth chest man?

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  1. tdebrick profile image60
    tdebrickposted 12 years ago

    Do you like a hairy chest man or a smooth chest man?

    My significant other read that real men don't shave their chest and stopped shaving his chest and he looks like he turned into a werewolf.

  2. Loveslove profile image59
    Lovesloveposted 12 years ago

    I simply LOVE hairy men...hairy Chest ,hairy anything ..!!!

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Love you "Lovesslove".  I'am your kind of man

  3. MickS profile image61
    MickSposted 12 years ago

    I don't ever fancy men, hairy chested or bald; I know I don't fancy hairy chested women, although I don't worry about where else they carry hair.

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      If a woman has a hairy chest, she has hormone problems, unshaved untrimmed hairy arm pits and a thick forest of untrimmed hair 'down there', now that is sexy to me.  I like a women who is "au natural"

  4. arb profile image79
    arbposted 12 years ago

    Real men are werewolves. Imagine a bare chested werewolf, none of the other werewolves would invite him to play in all the werewolf games!

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      That's great I agree that 'real men are werewolves'  I have been compared to a werewolf as far a my hairy chest is, but unfortunately, I have only a light layer of hair all over my back, however, shoulders, arms, legs, 'down there' are all very hairy

  5. wychic profile image79
    wychicposted 12 years ago

    Hairy! I've always loved having all sorts of hair to play with wink. In light of this, anyone who has ever read one of my hubs with a picture of my husband will know why we get along so well tongue. Smooth chests just seem too prepubescent to me.

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      agree fully with you wychic,  to me who has never waxed, shaved or even trimmed 1 hair of my chest ever, men that do that are like little boys and very prepubescent also, keep your very hairy chest the way nature intended.

  6. dianne143 profile image40
    dianne143posted 12 years ago

    I like man who has a smooth chest..... I find it more clean than a hairy man.

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Not true, a man like me with a very hairy chest is just as clean as a man who shaves his chest, it just LOOKS as if he is not clean, anyway a man who shaves his chest in my opinion is a sissy. If he is naturally smooth, that is a pity.

  7. iZeko profile image93
    iZekoposted 12 years ago

    I prefer men who shave or at least trim... It's called hygiene. Being a real man doesn't mean you have to look like a caveman.

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I am very hairy, I have never even trimmed any hair off anywhere, I have never been called dirty and I am very hygienic, cavemen usually washed at the seaside or in a river or in hot bathing pools, that was a long time ago. Cavemen were real men.

  8. stclairjack profile image78
    stclairjackposted 12 years ago

    could care less, if you shave your chest but your still a dumbass,.... your a smooth chested dumbass.

    had both in diff variations, and i can honestly say it didnt matter,... however,... if you have hair pouring out of all parts of your clothing,..... do something about it.

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      like the bit of 'having hair pouring out of all parts of your clothing' usually the top of the neck unbuttoned is the most common place for that to occur.Could also happen when bending down or stretching up, then you could see his hairy back or stoma

  9. tHErEDpILL profile image85
    tHErEDpILLposted 12 years ago

    if you were born hairy you were born hairy, so what?  Groom ya pubs so that everything down their stays hospitable and keep it moving.  I don't understand why people go out of their way to change the way they are.  If you have a big nose you have a big nose.  If you have A cups you have A cups, so what?  Work with what you got.

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Good post, I don't know if I was BORN hairy, the hair did appear on me during the year between my 13th and 14th birthday, the hair grew so fast that by the time I was 15 I was a lot more hairy than grow  men a lot older than me.

  10. Exotic_Kitten profile image40
    Exotic_Kittenposted 12 years ago

    smooth but if the man doesnt like smooth let him have a "LITTLE HAIR"
    I gotta say I dont Mind a little hair but too much and i'll be like *stalks off*
    In my opinion Real Men Do Shave Their Chest. Its Up to the man who shaves/doesn't shave it or their signficant other whether they want shaved/unshaved chest lol or any other area for that matter.

  11. Dalaina profile image68
    Dalainaposted 12 years ago

    In my opinion, a hairy chest is a sign of masculinity. However, too much here can become a nuisance. I love being able to lay on my husband's chest without his chest hairs getting in my mouth or up my nose!

    Like everything else, we all have our own opinions and can agree to disagree!

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I suppose it is a matter of how long his chest hair is, I think mine is about 4 or 5 inches long, its difficult to tell, I would have hated not to have had a hairy chest. I always wanted to have one even before they started to grow.

  12. mybabymayra profile image60
    mybabymayraposted 12 years ago

    i perfer smooth i dont know why but i dont like a man with a hairy chest thats just my point of view

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      OK  if you met the man of your dreams, fell in love with him, but one sunny day he stripped off in a park and you noticed he was like ape hairy, would you still love him  mm, I hope you would stay with him

  13. Peanutritious profile image60
    Peanutritiousposted 12 years ago

    Smooth all the way! I find hairy chests (and horror of horrors hairy backs and shoulders) rather frightening!  I know that sounds strange.  I have been out with hairy men in the past but can't seem to get over the hair issue!  No, i'm not perfect and don't mean to offend anyone, it's just how I feel.  The question was asked and i've given my view.

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      What's so frightening about hairy backs and shoulders, I have both, light covering on my back but a good thick carpet on my chest and shoulders. For some strange reason I notice men with very hairy backs tend to work in the construction industry.

  14. Zabbella profile image75
    Zabbellaposted 12 years ago

    I do like  some hair on the chest, the arms and some facial hair on my guy.  And yes, he can be bald. ( go figure!)

  15. profile image0
    V Qisyaposted 11 years ago

    Well, I don't mind either one. As long he's not half man, half werewolf ;D

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      LOL  One time I stripped off in a park on a warm day, some of the girls gasped that my chest was like a werewolves and my arms like a monkeys, I don't know about that but it just showed what those girls think of us men who are on the hairy side.

  16. profile image52
    almorrposted 11 years ago

    tdebrick, you say that real men don't shave their chests and you partner (significant other) has stopped and now looks like a werewolf.  Don't worry, he isn't the only one. As far as my chest is concerned, I'am one up on your partner, I have NEVER shaved my chest ever, and also I have been called a werewolf also regarding my chest by a few people, strangely I don't mind that, I have always been proud of my hairy chest, so don't you worry either, real men, werewolves or not should all be proud of their manly chests and so should their wives/partners etc.

  17. HappyMikeWritter profile image61
    HappyMikeWritterposted 10 years ago

    Man should be a man. If he has naturally hairy chest then he should keep it. If you ask which one I prefer then I would say Hairy chest man.

    1. profile image52
      almorrposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Of course that is true, I personally hate a guy who shaves his chest, I just call him a big sissy, that means he still looks like a little boy on his chest.


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