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Is my relationship showing lack of respect for one another?

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    PhilsBoyposted 7 years ago

    Is my relationship showing lack of respect for one another?

    my boyfriend was outside the other night talking to my girl cousin in the dark for quite a while, I was a bit upset as I thought he couldve showed a bit more respect to me by bringin the coversation inside the house or at least turning the light on so they could talk appropriately.. was it wrong of me to feel upset?? my boyfriend thinks that I am overreacting and he was angry that two people cant be normal and have a normal conversation..

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    HattieMattieMaeposted 7 years ago

    Well I think that if you have a strong relationship you should always trust your boyfriend, i can understand that as women we become emotional, but I understand men tend to see it as we are being insecure about ourselves, and feels like to them we are being Jealous. I was in one of these situations before myself, and responded the same way. Fortunately the guy I was with just was not a healthy person to be with.

    If your boyfriend doesn't understand that he's not protecting his relationship with you by setting himself up with other girls, he better learn. It's usually the way relationships get in trouble by allowing themselves to be alone with the opposite sex. They may not intend to get involved or something to happen sexually, but it often does, and the girl might just get the wrong idea. Or maybe she has the right idea, and wants to compete with you. It's hard to say, but I've watch many women and men in action on the internet, and some times they just don't set their boundaries and the relationship ends because someone was cheating, or controlling, or manipulating.

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    ilovetowrite94posted 7 years ago

    Hi, Your feelings were absolutely correct. Not only was your boyfriend showing disrespect towards you, so was your cousin. If it were a honest conversation... why weren't you included in the conversation. In a relationship trust and love is built by the actions of one or the other. If your feelings were wrong your boyfriend would have never gotten upset. He could have simply said, "I was wrong, let me tell you what we talked about and it will never happen again." Always jumping on the defense is not a sign of true honesty and humility. Always go with your gut... and what was your cousin thinking. I hope all works out well for you...

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    PhilsBoyposted 7 years ago

    Thankyou heaps for the advice, it seems my boyfriend was that upset about it he kept going on about how i was trying to control him and we ended up both going to bed without speaking to each other , he left early in the morning without a word and I havent heard from him since ( 2 days)..  I  started to second guess myself wether I was  giving him that trust in our relationship..