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Can love be without jealousy? Is not-being-jealous one of unreachable god's dema

  1. manofthewill profile image60
    manofthewillposted 6 years ago

    Can love be without jealousy? Is not-being-jealous one of unreachable god's demands?

  2. girlfriday profile image55
    girlfridayposted 6 years ago

    Love can be without jealousy when two people have trust, and are confident with each other and themselves. Jealousy is a trait that is part of the human make-up. To discipline oneself, one must concentrate on God. With Him all is possible; to try to overcome something without Him, we fail. People need to put God in their relationships.

  3. nightwork4 profile image61
    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    well i'm not a jealous person in the least and i don't believe in god in the least. this god part of your question makes no sense to me but i'm sure it does to you .

  4. Canscorpion profile image70
    Canscorpionposted 6 years ago

    Jealousy is human nature, but so are many other vices (or u can just call it a trait if u want to). One has to avoid their pull, falling for the weakest way out and strengthen up themselves for the harder alternative. Love can be independent of jealousy. It's only possible when love crosses the bounds of selfishness; when we start regarding the happiness of other person more than our own. Faith in God also plays its role and this strength can be more effectively achieved when the faith in God is strong. I absolutely agree with girlfriday... Concentrate in God and you'll defeat the feelings that weakens you.