Should I do something about this?

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    lexl4550posted 6 years ago

    Should I do something about this?

    Me and My boyfriend have been dating for a year and well ive recently noticed he's always liking this girls photos and hes told her shes gorgeous.. He has stopped telling me this stuff and he only likes my photos rarely unless I complain a little. Is this a bad sign? He never has done this before.. I'm so insecure that its just not making me feel good.. but I dont want to say something because it may be considered over reacting..

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    buckey777posted 6 years ago

    I would have some concerns about this if I were you. Is he having conversations with her on a regular basis? Not trying to say snoop but check his facebook chats or messages if you feel something might be going on. If it's a relationship that you'r wanting to continue try talking to him about how it makes you feel. Let him know that you love him and ask him to stop. The fact that a man shows any affection to another woman in many cases makes the woman feel jelous.