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Deserted on an island?

  1. WindMaestro profile image61
    WindMaestroposted 6 years ago

    Deserted on an island?

    If you could pick one person to be deserted with you on a remote tropical island, who would it be, and why?


  2. Sun-Girl profile image59
    Sun-Girlposted 6 years ago

    Well, this question is rather a logical one but my answer goes like this........... I will pick my soul-mate and reason is mainly because i love the person and am comfortable with the person.

  3. jtyler profile image57
    jtylerposted 6 years ago

    I would pick someone who has had training or experience with living in the wild before.

  4. worldssweetest profile image58
    worldssweetestposted 6 years ago

    I would have to agree with Sun-Girl, I would want to be with a soul mate as well. as that would be the most intense love and knowledge of one another. A soul mate would be the one to spend time without  having anyone to cause trouble between the two of us. If I had a soul mate.

  5. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image97
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 6 years ago

    First off, let me compliment you on that splendid photo - it's obviously tweaked to the max, but hey - I like it just the same.

    You're asking me who I'd want to be on a deserted island with?

    Hmmmm......a lovely young nymph of uninhibited and high sexual proclivities with a huge acumen for getting along with ME and the know how to work towards survival, and more sex.

    It would help a great deal if she were a great conversationalist and story teller.

  6. Dave Mathews profile image60
    Dave Mathewsposted 6 years ago

    Jesus Christ because He and I have so much catching up to do and talk about, also I know He could get us both off the island at any time.

  7. Rosie2010 profile image75
    Rosie2010posted 6 years ago

    I have to bring two.   I have two children.. I just cannot bring one and leave the other behind.  If I cannot bring my two children.. then I will leave them both behind so they can look after each other.  I won't bring anyone then.  I would rather be alone.. who knows what the waves might bring to this tropical island.  I love adventure.

  8. edhan profile image61
    edhanposted 6 years ago

    That will be my wife.

    She will be the one chosen as she can keep me companion with her talks and imagination. We always do things together and she never seems to be out of ideas.

    That's why I love her so much as she can contribute in my daily life. Life is always so exciting with her around. So there will never be boredom when she is around me.

    Well, there will be a great place to build my own paradise with her. We can have kids and soon the island will be filled with joys and happiness.

  9. northweststarr profile image77
    northweststarrposted 6 years ago

    Mini-me because he wouldn't eat too much, and if I got hungry enough, he's just the right size for a kebab...