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Has your heart been scammed from online dating ?

  1. graebear profile image68
    graebearposted 6 years ago

    Has your heart been scammed from online dating ?

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    graebearposted 6 years ago

    people say they are someone they are not and you find this all out in the end sometimes ..  even to  having a different pictures... on online dating sites....  this is where your heart can be scammed  if you open your feelings up  and write like we do...  to these people ... you find they have just been lying to you  from the start ... sad but true !

  3. Captainausume profile image60
    Captainausumeposted 6 years ago

    No, quite the opposite. See, I found my fiancee online before it was cool. I was twelve and he was thirteen and we met on a chat program. We stayed in contact and officially started dating when I turned 18, and we are still together and happy.

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    purzleyposted 6 years ago

    With the help of PayPal, I was scammed out of approximately $3500 from two dating sites owned by the same company. They were AmericanBeauties and Amolatina, AKA Anatasia. After I did some searching on the Internet, I found about 50 blogs confirming my conclusion. The website appeared professional, and even has an anti-scam policy page. Yet, I guess for a scam site, writing an anti-scam page is just all part of the subterfuge. If there were real women there who actually wanted to get married, they were few and far between.
    As far as I know, all of the women were getting paid a commission to write letters and chat. It is even possible that I did correspondence with only the translators, and chatting and letters never went through the supposedly eligible and beautiful women. According to the blogs, I may even have been chatting and corresponding with male translators when the women were not available. Every time I attempted to correspond with the women outside of the website, she dropped me like a hot potato. Sometimes they made up an excuse, but most of time I got nothing --- no response. Eventually I realized that they had no interest in me whatsoever except for collecting their commissions through the site.The scam starts at the photo studio where the women are highly made up, dressed up, and extremely Photoshopped. Most of these women are just average looking, brown-skinned young girls trying to make a little extra money. I know this because I was able to get some non-Photoshopped pictures.

    Part of the reason I fell for it, is that I found PayPal as a payment option. Having started with PayPal on eBay, PayPal had become a trusted part of my life. I had no reason to suspect that PayPal would ever be involved with a scam website.
    I believe if you do a little research, you'll find that multiple lawsuits have been filed against the dating companies I mentioned above. I read that the owner or owners were Russian, and they dodged the lawsuits by blaming the commissions given to the girls to write letters and chat on the sub-agencies that contract with the website.
    After I received 1000 letters I began to get suspicious, especially as they began to sound generically wonderful.... if the women are too good to be true, well then, they are too good to be true. These dating services do an occasional marriage in attempt to legitimize itself.

    I am disappointed that PayPal has been involved with this site.