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Have you ever had problem with child bearing? how did you overcome it? do you ha

  1. ubanichijioke profile image74
    ubanichijiokeposted 6 years ago

    Have you ever had problem with child bearing? how did you overcome it? do you have any experience [s

    have you ever had problem with child bearing? how did you overcome it? do you have any experience [s] of how other people scaled through it?

    Any HELP for me good people!

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    your cybersisterposted 6 years ago

    I did have trouble having children, but my difficult experiences did not come from not being able to conceive.  I could conceive easily - I had difficulty carrying my pregnancies to term.  My experiences are old, but you asked so I will share anyway.

    Starting 34 years ago I suffered three miscarriages - two of them late term at 6 1/2 and then 7 months - before being diagnosed with an incompetent cervix.  Basically my cervix was too weak to carry the weight of a growing baby and when the baby reached a certain size it put pressure on my cervix which caused me to go into labor far too early.  Once this was determined I was told that there was a surgical procedure that could be done when I became pregnant again (the fourth time in three years for me) which consisted of inserting a circular piece of plastic under the skin at the end of my cervix to hold it closed.  The idea was that with this in place I would not go into premature labor, but I would either have to deliver by Caesarian section or have this piece removed (and then reinserted each time I became pregnant) to deliver the baby vaginally.

    The miscarriages were devastating to me.  I was young and had never really had a bad experience in my life prior to the first unexpected miscarriage.  The good news is that at age 23 I was finally able to carry a  healthy son to full term.  I did choose to deliver him by Caesarian section because I was young and thought that I might want to have more children later on.  The way my life went, I did not have more children until years later, at ages 34 and 36 - two more healthy sons. 
    The plastic piece held up for all those years much to the amazement of my doctors. 

    Due to my own experiences in the pregnancy and childbirth arena, I have a tremendous sympathy and empathy for any couple wanting to have a family that is having difficulty doing so.  It is such a heartbreaking thing to go through and so many people (without intending to) say things that hurt you.  I do hope that you will find the answers that you are seeking to help you have a child.

    Medicine and technology have come so far in the past 30 years that the odds of a doctor being able to discover why you are having difficulty having a child and then being able to correct the problem are greater than they have ever been.  My heart goes out to you and I do hope that you are able to have the family you desire.

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    Cardisaposted 6 years ago

    Kinda painful question for me to answer, but here goes. 13 years ago I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. The growth had adhered to my organs so a surgery was done to remove the adhesion. Two years later the endometriosis had gotten worse and a hysterectomy was done (total pelvic clearance).

    How did I get over it? You never get over something like that especially if you were looking forward to having kids. You live with it and accept it to a point but you always, always feel the pain of the loss. Yes, you feel like you have lost your kids.

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    Mavhe Quijadaposted 6 years ago

    my brother's girlfriend is pregnant and now she's living with us. I feel bad about her because she's always sick in the stomach. She eats a little but she still throws up. I pity her. She looks so pale and weakly now.

    My mother cooks soup for her all the time. She said it helps her stomach not to be upset. I can she she's having sensitive pregnancy. I also see my sister's pregnancy before but she did not any problem during the pregnancy period.

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    150Ideasposted 6 years ago

    The best thing to do is find peace for yourself.  I have a friend who went through it and it practically destroyed her marriage.  She started a coaching business to help people who are going through the same thing.  http://HighlyConceivableCoaching.com.

    Being in the right frame of mind, baby or no baby, does a lot to help with your life.  And who knows, if you're in a better frame of mind, the fertility issues may resolve themselves.

    I also have a friend who uses horses for coaching. She insists that their (forgive me but I don't know the word she used) "chi" levels help people become pregnant.

    As painful as it is, it doesn't have to consume your life.  Finding peace is really the ultimate way to manage.  Best of luck and lots of love to you!  (((((((hug)))))))

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    ubanichijiokeposted 6 years ago

    All of you starting with Cardisa, 150ideas, cybersister and Mavhe Quijada i can never stop saying thank you. Your well written experiences have inspired me towards thinking positive knowing that the advancement in technology surely will do me a great favor. Thanks y'all