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How do you recover from someone you have had a crush on since high school?

  1. dramae profile image37
    dramaeposted 6 years ago

    How do you recover from someone you have had a crush on since high school?


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    lavender3957posted 6 years ago

    It is hard to get over anything that sets in your heart. The best thing I would do would be to involve myself in more activities and work into a good relationship starting as friends with another person. It takes time to heal and I was always told to get over some one is to meet someone new. Good luck.

  3. Heidi Benz profile image58
    Heidi Benzposted 6 years ago

    Its hard to get over some relationships but or crushes but the best way is to realize there are other fish in the sea and if you truly know this person you may be able to know what you would like to have in a new relationship. Get out and enjoy yourself with people who enjoy being with you.

  4. I Am Rosa profile image89
    I Am Rosaposted 6 years ago

    To get over crushes, I made a list of the qualities, values and morals I cherish, how I want to be treated and what I respect in others.  Then, I used this list to honestly compare how my "crush" measured up.  Every time, I discovered that the crush didn't meet the standards.

    While there was some charm and appeal to these people, there was also a very good reason I didn't end up with them.  If I'd gotten my way, I would not have been happy.  There were things they did that I could not respect them for, morals or values that didn't mesh with mine, etc.

    I kept that list and refined it.  I used it as a guide when dating.  Even though some people thought I was being too picky and would never find someone to meet my "Wish List" I eventually did.  It was worth the wait and I had the added bonus of not having "unrequited loves" hanging over me.