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How do you get over being depressed over situations in which you don't have any

  1. SoulStarDiva profile image58
    SoulStarDivaposted 6 years ago

    How do you get over being depressed over situations in which you don't have any control?

    Recently called off an on again off again situation with a boyfriend because I found out he started a new relationship but the information did not come from him. He negated to tell me of this relationship and therefore, to me, it comes off a deceptive and manipulative. I'm not dealing with it too well. Suggestions on how to move forward will be appreciated. However, if you want to give me a hard time I'm deserving of that as well.

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    reeltaulkposted 6 years ago

    Lol you are a good sport!  I will not give you grief, instead I will give you a sincere answer being that I feel you deserve it.  The question that you have asked has the answer written in it.  Being that this relationship was an "on and off" relationship, someone held the reins to the switch.  Who was it?  Was it both of you at your own discretion or just the individual who is in the new "relationship".  I won't say you lack self respect because when you love recklessly and irresponsibly, Love teaches you a lesson in hopes that you will be more responsible.  It's O.K. to want to hold on while being strong even when you're looking like an ass.  Like a smoker going cold turkey, forget about them, memories will come and go but you have to remind yourself that yes those memories were good but they are lacking because of the present outcome.  Whatever they have done and is presently doing (that's negative) should be the only memory you need to move on with a NEED of wanting better.  The strength that people possess to go apart works for anyone who wants to come together.  Hope that helps CiaO  btw what is a Diva?

  3. Lisa HW profile image72
    Lisa HWposted 6 years ago

    I think you remind yourself that your ex-boyfriend's lousy treatment of you was his doing - not yours; and that you have handled the situation with the self-respect you should have   Tell yourself, "Good riddance to a seriously flawed relationship and boyfriend," keep in mind that you'll go through a time when you have to get used to not having him around, but look forward to a life free of a guy who'd do what that one did.  Remind yourself that you deserve better.

    It'll probably take you some time to move forward, so don't expect too much of yourself.  Maybe do things to take your mind off the situation, get out and be with new people (not necessarily guys - just people you can socialize and laugh with).  As with all "depressing" situations, time will gradually help.  Breaking up with that guy was a positive step - not a negative one.

  4. jeshon profile image69
    jeshonposted 6 years ago

    I think you have to accept the situation as it is and that it's out of your control, so stop trying to control it.
    However to move forward i think you should try to figure out what in all this it really is that makes you feel the way you do. And why was this an on and off relationship in the first place?

    And as said before, he treating you badly is not on you, only on him.