In a couple of lines, tell me what you think are the best qualities in a person.

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  1. rlaha profile image61
    rlahaposted 12 years ago

    In a couple of lines, tell me what you think are the best qualities in a person.

  2. Im The Nana profile image66
    Im The Nanaposted 12 years ago

    Honesty and integrity are at the top of my list.  Looks do not make a person.  True beauty comes from within.

  3. MakeEasyCash profile image63
    MakeEasyCashposted 12 years ago

    Someone that loves and likes someone for who they are and value their good qualities and can see pass the bad ones.

  4. ThroughGlass profile image60
    ThroughGlassposted 12 years ago

    They have to have a good sense of humor, rockin' personality.
    Kind, loving, and above all, understanding.

  5. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 12 years ago

    Integrity, honesty, kindness and compassion....those things give a person a great capacity for love.

  6. Rachelle Williams profile image91
    Rachelle Williamsposted 12 years ago

    Intellect, Creativity, and Vision for the Future.

  7. mandyf profile image60
    mandyfposted 12 years ago

    Honesty, compassion, selflessness, true form no matter where you are and able to laugh and able to take responsibility for ones own actions

  8. vocalcoach profile image92
    vocalcoachposted 12 years ago

    I would have to say that trust is high on the list of the best qualities in a person.  I also look for integrity, loyalty, a positive attitude, plenty of humor, forgiveness, compassion and consideration. Loving animals and respecting the rights and beliefs of others are also on my list.

  9. THEHuG5 profile image61
    THEHuG5posted 12 years ago

    Honesty, honor, creativity, ambition, tolerance, and of course a great sense of humor.

  10. advisor4qb profile image73
    advisor4qbposted 12 years ago

    Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Empathy

    The most important is to be able to express love, both in intimate relationships and the type of universal love we should all have for all of humanity.

    I agree with THEuG5 that a sense of humor is also a great one!

  11. mathira profile image76
    mathiraposted 12 years ago

    You are humane having a helping tendency and have a good sense of humor.When you love people and  is considerate  enough to understand people, you are a good human being

  12. athena2011 profile image58
    athena2011posted 12 years ago

    I think someone with a sense of humor about themselves and life in general is a fun person to be around. I also like people who have a deep care and concern for helping others. So, to me, someone that I would respect the most would be someone who tries to help others in any way that they can.

  13. Hubpage Gal profile image58
    Hubpage Galposted 12 years ago

    The best qualities in a person is kindness,  unselfishness and empathy with  the desire to place more emphasis on satisfying the partner than themselves.

  14. kknde profile image71
    kkndeposted 12 years ago

    honesty, sincerity, patience..maybe not in this order..but smth like this

  15. Vicente Zeldana profile image61
    Vicente Zeldanaposted 12 years ago

    Most people are saying good answers, compassion and honesty come to mind. Aside from the usual I think a real sense of daring and adventure, a willingness to help someone out, even if it is a stranger and go to great lengths simply to help someone else. I think a willingness to help someone in need, even when they don't ask for the help, or even if they say they don't want the help, is a great thing.

    Another great quality is actually to be naive somewhat, and to not have to worry about every single dark, evil, and negative thing happening in the world.

  16. creativebutterfly profile image60
    creativebutterflyposted 12 years ago

    Being honest with you and more importantly themselves.  Knowing who they really are and being confident about it.

  17. profile image0
    reeltaulkposted 12 years ago

    Their Smile, you can always tell a sincere person by their smile (well sometimes).  Great sense of humor, sincereity, consistency, loyalty, honesty, dedication, and if you can trust and depend on them.  As I'm writing this the word realistic, be realistic keeps coming to mind, I wonder why!

  18. JosieLee profile image63
    JosieLeeposted 12 years ago

    There several qualites that I believe are great. Writing them down would at least take two paragraphs but I'll list my top 5.

    Honesty would be on the top of my list. I also look for loyalty, a postive attitude, compassion, and a good sense of humor. There several qualites that I believe are great. Writing them down would at least take two paragraphs.

  19. eugbug profile image96
    eugbugposted 12 years ago

    and a sense of humor helps too !!!

  20. smzclark profile image60
    smzclarkposted 12 years ago

    Honesty and trust are the two most vital qualities. sense of humour comes second. empathy's a good one. cannot be jealous...there is nothing worse than a green eyed monster!

  21. elationstate profile image60
    elationstateposted 12 years ago

    Strong will, good heart, and the willingness and ability to act when it's necessary. Do we really need more than that?

  22. hillymillydee profile image59
    hillymillydeeposted 12 years ago

    A loving person possesses these tentacles of love such as; kindness, goodness, patience, understanding, forgiving, honest, friendly and so on and so forth..

  23. DIMIR profile image72
    DIMIRposted 12 years ago

    Rationality and empathy are the two most important aspects.  A person needs to be able to think through situations, but also have a merciful side that will understand another person's suffering.  Too much of one creates a misanthrope, too much the other becomes a martyr, so the balance is very important.

  24. terrektwo profile image80
    terrektwoposted 12 years ago

    Honesty, sense of humor, honor and loyalty. The last one weighs heavy with me as I have had friends over time that seem very loyal but turn out not to be but a few who stick by you no matter what.


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