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Kissing: It can make or break the deal!!!! I personally, am very fond of kissin

  1. Princess Prisca profile image59
    Princess Priscaposted 6 years ago

    Kissing: It can make or break the deal!!!!  I personally, am very fond of kissing.  How about you?

    Food for thought: According to the dictionary, a KISS means:  To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness. 2. To touch lightly or gently: flowers that were kissed by dew. KISSING: IT CAN MAKE OR BREAK THE DEAL FOR ME!!!!!   I PERSONALLY,  AM VERY FOND OF KISSING AND VERY GOOD AT IT... HOW ABOUT YOU?  PUCKER-UP AND LET'S DISCUSS...Chow...Prisca


  2. albertovich profile image59
    albertovichposted 6 years ago

    I think KISSING is a big part of our being human and to me its something essential in a relationship, I can think of at least 3 girls in my past single life that stick out as really BAD kissers. Sorry girls but it had to be said, one of them didn't know the meaning (or use ) of breath  mints...yep...sad but true...big turn off. Bottom line kissing  but most of all kissing passionately is my biggest turn on. (don't forget nibbling) Lol

  3. Sheila Lee profile image60
    Sheila Leeposted 6 years ago

    Kissing is an integral part of a relationship. When two people kiss and it feels right, it feels good, it can be magic! Sadly to say, some people base a relationship on a kiss. If they don't like it, they go onto another person. That is so wrong. Bad kissing can be rectified. No two people kiss alike and some people are just inexperienced. You can't base a relationship on a kiss but you can improve on the kiss, especially with the right person. I love kissing. I love everything about it. And like you, Princess, I am an awesome kisser!

  4. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    With my husband yes, but often there are people in the world that want to kiss in greeting and of that I am NOT a big fan - ewww get your lips off me, I don't know where they have been.

    I have to admit - many moons ago I dated my fair share of guys who could not kiss and yes, it was a deal breaker.  A good kiss is artwork, a bad kiss is just gross.  So I would run like a gazelles away from them.

  5. xethonxq profile image63
    xethonxqposted 6 years ago

    Kissing is definitely a make it or break it deal for me. A good kisser can keep me totally enthralled and in love...and coming back for more! smile

  6. Ana Teixeira profile image83
    Ana Teixeiraposted 6 years ago

    a kiss is the ultimate expression of love. A kiss can say everything. Kissing is great.. as long as it is with the right person.. ofc!