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My ex wants to be my friend ??

  1. profile image47
    jithenposted 6 years ago

    My ex wants to be my friend ??

    she left me coz of another guy. I had to go through a lot of shit to over come that and now after 6months she is wanting to be my friend again ??I'm confused. I approached her once for friendship but she insulted me.So I feel that I should not do the same to her and also feel why shouldn't I ?? please help me

  2. Johann Tetreault profile image60
    Johann Tetreaultposted 6 years ago

    Kick her to the curb, why not they do it to us all the time. you will feel better and know there are plenty of fish in the sea, and I bet most are better than the one you lost.

    I am doing the same thing. So Im not talking smack

  3. stricktlydating profile image81
    stricktlydatingposted 6 years ago

    Someone you loved left you for another guy, although it took you a while to get over it she insulted you when you suggested being friends.  Now she's decided she'd like to be friends... I DON'T THINK SO!  The least she should be doing is appologising, but still there's sure to be more heart-break if you try to be friends.  History has a way of repeating itself, unless she's gone and totally changed, it's really most likely not worth your while.  I wouldn't worry about whether she wants to be friends or not, or anything else about her, just keep her in the past.

  4. pajamazzon profile image58
    pajamazzonposted 6 years ago

    why be friends with someone who dumped for some random guy? and she even insulted you when you offered that huh? If i were you, forget about her and date other people

  5. hawkdad73 profile image65
    hawkdad73posted 6 years ago

    Don't.  As much as it sucked to get over the break up (especially the reason for it), it will suck even more no matter how "cool" with it you say you are.  It would crush your self esteem.  I wouldn't insult her just because she insulted you.  Take that as a sign that maybe you shouldn't be friends.