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What is your favourite pick-up line?

  1. Theocharis V profile image76
    Theocharis Vposted 6 years ago

    What is your favourite pick-up line?


  2. worldonedigital profile image44
    worldonedigitalposted 6 years ago

    One of my favorite pick-up lines goes something like this: "You Look Familiar", have we met before?

  3. gmaoli profile image78
    gmaoliposted 6 years ago

    It's not quiet a pick-up line, but it was something that someone I knew years ago had said to his girlfriend.  He was in college and was having some problems getting along with her.  At one point, he told me that he said these exact words to her:

    "You know I love you and stuff."

    My favorite one to laugh about!!

  4. executivecatering profile image82
    executivecateringposted 5 years ago

    Pick up lines have never worked in my experience but they have made me laugh a lot in the past, I remember some of my friends trying out different lines when i was young and the results where never good.
    I wrote a hub on the subject a few months ago  http://executivecatering.hubpages.com/h … lines-line
    it gives a different way of dealing with the subject you may find interesting.

    My dad gave me some good advice when I was younger he said, it doesn't matter what you look like or where you're from, a girl will always be attracted to you if you can make her laugh.

    This is probably the best piece of advice he ever gave me or maybe it was buy a house when your 18 I'm not sure he might of just wanted me out of his house haha