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If you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be, what would friends

  1. Charlu profile image82
    Charluposted 6 years ago

    If you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be, what would friends say and why?

    Does it describe your strongest personality trait, an overall opinion of what most people would say about you, or how you like to think of yourself?

  2. Ciel Clark profile image73
    Ciel Clarkposted 6 years ago

    Isn't this an almost impossible question to answer?!

    I have always been Curious.  (And you?)
    I would have to also say adaptable and happy. 

    My husband says I'm a Contrarian (I'm not really), and my dad says There's No Use Arguing with me (debating), and my mother once accused me of Swanning Around.  (I was 15 and had never heard this term). 

    But I don't think those are the terms they would use if they could only pick one!  Those are just the ones they use when I am being a pain!  My husband says I am the easiest person to be around, the best dancer, and very tolerant.  My dad says I can always make him laugh.  My mom says I am her best friend.

  3. Phelcky profile image61
    Phelckyposted 6 years ago

    If I would chose one word to describe myself It would be thoughtful. I have a tendency to overthink and analyse. I don't do much without thinking it through. I also pay attention to things that other people don't see. This ability has helped me alot especially when I worked at a nursing home. My colleges always asked about my opinion.

    My friends would describe me as flirtatious. They always tease me because they have noticed, that I often unconsciously flirt with people. I don't really think I do, I just like to pay attention and smile to others.

    My family describe me as happy. I am always cracking jokes and smiling even though I am not happy. This is sometimes a bad thing because I have a really hard time showing my feelings. So I usually put up this happy front.

  4. Lisas-thoughts101 profile image60
    Lisas-thoughts101posted 6 years ago

    Passionate.  As Ciel pointed out it is very difficult to use one word to define a complex human being and the totality of one's life but if I had to I believe that would be it.  I don't feel strongly about everything but those things and people I truly care about I care about passionately.  I don't do half measures.  I love deeply, I advocate for children and it isn't just a "cause" for me, It is a way of life.  So, I'm not sure how others would describe me.  I can't help but believe it would depend on who you are asking, but passionate is the word I would use and I doubt there are many who know me who would disagree, though some might describe me as intense rather than passionate but I believe it is probably the same thing.

  5. alisha4u profile image38
    alisha4uposted 6 years ago

    My friends claim 'Confidence' to be my best trait !

  6. Sunita-Sharma profile image69
    Sunita-Sharmaposted 6 years ago

    My sister calls me "Agony Aunt"  lol!!!. As I am always willing to listen others problem and offer my helping hand be it through my advice or emotional support.