How do couples cope with their first year of having a child

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    jeyaramdposted 5 years ago

    How do couples cope with their first year of having a child

    How has your relationship changed. And what do you do to keep your relationship healthy and alive. Do you make time or is it almost impossible. Do you talk about the changes. How do you fit your relationship, being a parent, and being a family with children in your lives. Basically, what tips do you have to ensure that your overall well being pertaining to your child, spouse, personal life are ensured to blossom.

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    Mark25624posted 4 years ago

    I can remember when My wife and I had our 1st.!
    Home from the hospital the 1 st. Night!
    Lights out!
    All night long!
    Because it was so used to the lights in the hospital being on 24/7!

    As for finding time for the 2 of you to be alone for 1 night?

    As a family?
    it's a matter of priorities and values all in order!
    What goes on at work!
    Stays at work!

    Spending time with each other and as a family doing things sharing responsibilities.
    As the child becomes older.
    Teaching it what it needs to know as to making it in the world with other kinds and knowing what to look out for as to bullies.
    To stand up for themselves!
    And other things as well as I'm sure both of you know what it was like growing up.
    And if your parents were abusive to you growing up.
    Do not bring it into the relationship and parenting none whatsoever!