How does a couple keep their marriage fresh?

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  1. GDiBiase profile image75
    GDiBiaseposted 6 years ago

    How does a couple keep their marriage fresh?

  2. padmendra profile image44
    padmendraposted 6 years ago

    Marriage works only when the couples carry trust, commitment and understanding with each other.  Keeping  your marriage fresh is possible when the partners are romantic and create new ideas and inventions to make the relation stronger day by day.

  3. Jaggedfrost profile image75
    Jaggedfrostposted 6 years ago

    hmmm Fabreeezzzzz.  It is amazing.   One or two spritzes and you don't even know you are married if you close your eyes.

  4. Riverfish24 profile image79
    Riverfish24posted 6 years ago

    By keep surprising each other, still doing things for each other, taking interest in each others hobbies. Appreciation of what one has and getting perspective from the world around you.

  5. dashingscorpio profile image86
    dashingscorpioposted 6 years ago

    They have to make it one of their top priorities! Keep surpising one another and stay intimate in and out of bed. By that I mean holding hands while walking or driving, from time to time take showers together, cooking meals together. and always have something planned for just the two of them as a getaway at least every couple of months even if it's renting a room in a nice hotel and going out to dinner, a play, or whatever. The mistake a lot of married people make is they stop courting, impressing,  or they push romance and passion on the back burner believing they can always turn it on whenever.
    However, "It's easier to maintain a fire than it is to reignite a spark!"

  6. hair bender profile image63
    hair benderposted 6 years ago

    It is hard to improve on these answers! Trust, respect, communication, surprises, back rubs and foot rubs, having someone to tell you that they will always be there for you and mean it, weekend get aways, little love notes left in briefcases, lunches, on the mirror, texting each other with pet phrases for each other.  I also like the fact of taking a class or hobby together-something that your mate may have expressed an interest in a month ago or maybe even a decade ago. Telling each other "I like you" is big too.  You can love someone but if you loke them and they are your best friend, it changes things around.

  7. wmhoward4 profile image77
    wmhoward4posted 6 years ago

    Lets assume the relationship is good but the couple wants out of a rut. Travel is a great way to do that. Go somewhere you both would like and have fun. Don't put pressure on each other about having sex. Let it just happen some time.

  8. Crissylite profile image72
    Crissyliteposted 6 years ago

    Never stop dating. Also, try new things together/create adventures/go on trips so that life together never gets old.

  9. DeanCash profile image60
    DeanCashposted 6 years ago

    Don't do your marriage like a routine show. Always make it a habit to surprise your spouse - ask her what excite her. You usually know that during before you're married. Not just something that makes her happy but also something crazy.

    But please don't call the police.

  10. lindolfallen profile image59
    lindolfallenposted 6 years ago

    Innocent playing with each other. Just like the old days. Make jokes once in a while.. That will throw away boredom..

  11. krillco profile image93
    krillcoposted 6 years ago

    Learn about and how to differentiate, and then practice, practice, practice.


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