Do you believe that there's a soulmate out there for everyone?

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  1. zsobig profile image84
    zsobigposted 6 years ago

    Do you believe that there's a soulmate out there for everyone?

    I was always interested in this topic, and I think I have found my answer by meeting my fiance (story in my 15th hub).
    But I am still interested, do YOU think there is something like a soul mate?

  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 6 years ago

    In all honesty liviing on a planet with 7 Billion people on it the odds are in our favor that there is someone for everyone! In my opinion what keeps people from finding "the one" is our human tendency to (exclude) rather than (include) potential mates sight unseen! We do this in ways such as stating "the one" must be of my same race. (That eliminates Billions of people) right off the bat!
    "The one" must have the same religious background, live in my country, state or town...etc (Excludes Billions of more people) and  All of this is before we meet (anyone) or get to things like height, weight, hobbies/interest, eduacation, sexual compatibility and so forth. Lastly we say our friends/family must also like "the one" and their family and friends must like us as well. The less "options" (we allow ourselves) the more difficult it is to find someone who has the important traits most people want (honesty, loyalty, loving/affectionate, considerate, responsible...etc) Awhile back I wrote a hub that goes into further details regarding my opinion. The bottom line is I truly believe there is more than one person who would make an ideal partner for us.
    Having said that there is no one who is going to be able to "read your mind" and (always) give you the things you want or need without you (ever) having to ask for them. … venbillion

  3. zsobig profile image84
    zsobigposted 6 years ago

    I completely agree with you.
    In my opinion, anyone can be your soulmate - I mean someone's soulmate can come from a different religious background, a different race or even from a completely different continent.
    People tend to deify a nice thought, a great imaginary person since their teenage years, but the less things you are opened to, the less chance to give yourself to meet 'the one'.
    Although there are some cases of course (see my story), when people find the person they were dreaming of - but this is rare I am afraid.

  4. profile image51
    kumar24894posted 6 years ago

    I think yes , because no one forgets his/her first true love . But no , if she he/she can marry anyone else other than her true love.

  5. profile image0
    Jade0215posted 6 years ago

    I think so. There's so many people in this world that you're bond to eventually meet someone, it just takes time and it's not going to be the first person or even the first few people that you meet.

  6. profile image54
    ShAnOnKposted 2 years ago

    You will have many soul mates through out your life. Some could be friends, sisters, and then they could be a person that you are with.. But have you ever thought about the "Twin Flame"  You will only have one Twin Flame in your life and most times people don't ever get to meet theirs. But if you are that person then you had better consider yourself very lucky!!
    A Twin Flame connection is a very hard experience to go through.  In the beginning when you first meet each other that will be when you know if you've met your Twin Flame because the feelings you will get are unlike any you have ever felt in your life before.. Very strong and intense.. The chemistry between you is so HOT..  You will feel as if you've known this person your whole life  You both  have similar interest. This connection is on a deep soul level. This connection is through your mind, your body, and through physical of course and then through sprit.
    After you have been around each other one of the two will get scared from the intensity of the feelings that a Twin Flame relationship exhibits.
    This is called the runner and the chaser. But this doesn't happen to all Twin Flames. If it does it is because one of the two or even both aren't ready for that type of connection yet. Also its possible that either could be in a relationship at the time and that's why it wont work. Twin Flames ard created through the Divine. And no matter how long it takes the two will reunite again even if it is decades later. But the pain of the separation will be something that you will never think you can get through.

    Anyway theres more to this you might want to look it up,,


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