What are the qualities that make a person a gentleman and a scholar?

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    techapposted 4 years ago

    What are the qualities that make a person a gentleman and a scholar?

    Overall a person is to be considered

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    DreamerMegposted 4 years ago

    Let me tell you a story about a group of colleagues who were sent on a training course to an hotel. After everyone was in bed, one of the females got up to go to the loo but was disorientated by being in the hotel room and wandered into the corridor by mistake, wearing only some skimpy underwear. The door locked behind her. She couldn't find the night porter, so she called the police from the hotel phone. They would not help her. A male colleague was still up, and found her in the corridor, went to his room and got her a large bath towel to wrap around her til the night porter got back and let her into her room. The male colleague was a close colleague of mine (no, not THAT close) but I only found out about the incident from her. She asked if he had told me about what had happened. I told her "no" and she told me the story, adding that he "was a gentleman". I don't know about him being a scholar - that wasn't his type of work, he preferred the practical kinds of job but he was definitely a "gentleman" of the best kind.

    Now let me tell you another story, also about an hotel and a group of colleagues, but not the same course! This time, one of the men made the same mistake and found himself in the corridor wearing nothing at all! Two colleagues, one male and one female happened along. The female stayed with the naked man, who turned himself to face the wall. She kept him company while the male colleague went looking for the night porter. This time, when the "helpful" male colleague got back to work, he let everyone know what had happened and the local "artist" created a cartoon of the incident, which was passed around the entire office. Do you think he got called a "gentleman"?