Anyone Noticing Our Generations Downfall Involving Relationships ?

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  1. jmrankin12 profile image56
    jmrankin12posted 5 years ago

    Anyone Noticing Our Generations Downfall Involving Relationships ?

    I've recently noticed on most social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.) people aged, as young as twelve through mid-twenties, seem so concerned with relationships. From being lonely to judging the opposite gender it doesn't end. What ever happened to worrying about college or their future goals? Every post I see is "Guys are cheaters" and "We don't love these b******." Excuse my profane language but it is true. Can someone please give me a legitimate answer?

  2. DDE profile image26
    DDEposted 5 years ago

    So much has changed over the years and most of the new generation male sand females lack interest in  relationships, they find fun in  other activities than in relationships. Off-course cheating has also become the issue modern technology has taken over in many ways, and not forgetting the rough world experienced by many of them.

  3. Philanthropy2012 profile image85
    Philanthropy2012posted 5 years ago

    An answer to the question "do we spend more time thinking about relationships" in 2013. read more

  4. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 5 years ago

    Yes, I've noticed. It's really irritating but also you might not have the right friends. There are those interested in their careers and futures, they are just silent because they are busy or don't like being around others their age. If you have friends that aren't as focused as you are, you might want to reconsider who you hang out with. Anyone uses that kind of language on Twitter or Facebook is off my account. If they are in their twenties and concerned that much on relationships? They are not worth my time. The best advise you can give them is to relax and not worry about it. There is plenty of time for relationships later.

  5. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 5 years ago

    Yes this current generation is probably more preoccupied with relationships and sex than others simply because of the combination of technology, lax parenting, and more entertainers in their age group who are using sex to market themselves.
    Having said that there has always been a period during the pre-teens and teenage years where girls were called "boy crazy" and guys were trying to figure out how to get to talk to girls and get to "second or third base". Hormones are raging and kids start to want to emulate adults by coupling up.
    Even during my era there were teenage couples that dated one another from Jr. high to high school. We even had a 13 year old girl attempt suicide because her 14 year old boyfriend broke up with her to date a new girl at the school. Talk about having a limited view of life! She couldn't see beyond her present and he was far to young to be responsible for (her) well being!

    Prior to then it wasn't uncommon for many kids to get (married) right out of high school! (1930s, 40s, and 50s). During the 60s we had "free love" and the "sexual revolution"  with the hippie movement along with increased use of birth control pills. Once young women started to view themselves as being "sexually equal" to men there was a major increase of pre-marital sex and what would later be called "shacking up". This generation would give birth to the next generation which would take things further by starting to have children out of wedlock by choice. Some parents acted like they were siblings to their children and even getting high with them from time to time.
    (Kids have always wanted to rush into adulthood.)
    Having said that it's a little far fetched to call a 12 year old girl or boy a "cheater". These kids should not be trying to cultivate (serious relationships) because they lack the maturity to know who they are let alone what they want. They shouldn't be held to the same "commitment standards" of a 32 year old.

  6. billgaede profile image81
    billgaedeposted 5 years ago

    We are the last humans on Earth! … -of-humans

    Therefore, it is not surprising that our relationships have changed. We moved from the country to the cities and the process is still continuing as Agri Corporations acquire more land and displace more and more humans to the cities. Today, we no longer live in open farm lands like in former times where the urge was to build empires. Today we are crowded in enormous ant holes of 10 and even 20 million. In the old days men and women were expected to conquer the land, to spread seed like the sands of the desert, to be fruitful and multiply. That mentality is gone. So is the economy that nurtured those relationships and those ways of thinking. We can't have 10 children in an apartment! Much less on such meager wages! The unemployment of today is structural, not cyclical. It was predictable that technology would displace workers to the unemployment lines. Are the unemployed going to have 10 children?
    The typical family of the hunter/gathering days was the clan, that of the Age of Agriculture was the patriarchal, that of the Industrial Revolution was the nuclear family and the current one of the Age of Services is the bachelor and single parent. The family type has gone from many members to one. We are becoming solitary animals in a sea of millions. We don't even know the names of our neighbors any more. If Calhoun's Utopian Experiment showed one thing is that before our species disappears, our relationships WILL be broken. No matter what! It is unavoidable. Intelligence is not an antidote to extinction. If it were, an intelligent species would live forever.

    Interestingly, the homosexual and asexual mice appear towards the end of the process. The females not only become more aggressive and wean their children early, abandoning them to their fates, but end up not engaging in sex at all. The males lose interest in the females and begin to take care of themselves, to look pretty. These mice spent so much time grooming themselves that Calhoun dubbed them ‘the beautiful ones’.
    Humans are no different. Despite our intelligence and technology we cannot avoid the disintegration of our relationships and the imminent extinction of our species. That's what's happening today. That's the big picture.


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