Is sex the stable thing for young-adult relationships?

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  1. babymykimmy profile image60
    babymykimmyposted 4 years ago

    Is sex the stable thing for young-adult relationships?

    I'm curious because everywhere you see 23 of over women who are always asking how many times do they have to wait before they do it with their partners. It like sex is the most important thing in a relationship  and love is not that important

  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 4 years ago

    Starting in our teens our sexual hormones begin to rage. This is especially true of young men. Many health experts have stated men reach their sexual (peak) at 18, and women reach theirs at 28.
    If this is true then it makes sense that people would have a strong interest in having sex during (their youth) and especially if they are with someone they consider to be "special".
    "The average male loses his virginity at age 16.9; females average slightly older, at 17.4. And a new study shows that genetics may be a factor: inherited traits, such as impulsivity, can make a person more or less willing to have sex at an earlier age. " - Kinsey Institute
    When it comes to relationships most of us (fail our way to success). If this were not the case the vast majority of us would be married to our high school sweethearts. Odds are even if someone believes they are "in love" as a young-adult there is a good chance they won't end up together forever.
    Young people are going to have sex or participate in sex acts. 
    When you don't have a lot of responsibilities such as having a demanding job, a mortgage, car note, kids, or insurance and utility bills to pay it's easy to be preoccupied with thoughts of sexual pleasure.
    Eventually everyone's "priorities" shifts. Hopefully they'll avoid the pitfalls of STDs and unplanned pregnancy long enough for wisdom and maturity to kick in and catch up with their bodies. Essentially these youths are doing what comes natural.

  3. LadyReedzAlot profile image60
    LadyReedzAlotposted 4 years ago

    The answer is that question is NO TIME.   We as parents and role models have to give information to our children that build up their character, and their conscience.
    They should not be committed to societal norms, but their own personal truths.   We should teach our young women and men that their bodies are sacred, and they are not required to have sex for sex sake.
    You want know a secret.  God created sex.  In His creation of this gift, sex should be presented as a treasure and trust between a man and his wife.  It should not be used as a random urge or a requirement to maintain unconsecrated relationships.

    There is a reason that gems and precious metals are in wedding rings, because you are worth waiting for, and you should be respected for your decision.

  4. DDE profile image24
    DDEposted 4 years ago

    Sex is what young adults think is most important but when  older  they will realize  it is not. So much has changed and most of  young-adults think in  a much more advanced way. This kind of behavior is not for every one and you should not do what others do or ask of you. Since you have a mind of your own do what you think is right for yourself. Think of your reputation.


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