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Am I stupid or what?

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    Anne Brouwerposted 3 years ago

    Am I stupid or what?

    Hey guys.. can you help me?
    So there is this guy, been my best friend for 2 years now, and he confessed he likes me. I like him back and so we started 'dating'. Like going to the pool and watching movies together. We already kissed and he is now telling me that he doesn't want to be a couple because I am too worthy to lose, as we will stop talking if we break up. Am I stupid or what if I say that he can lose me if something happens now? Please help me,  cause I'm confused and don't know what to do!

  2. poppyr profile image99
    poppyrposted 3 years ago

    I guess he decided he doesn't like you in that way and is 'friendzoning' you.  Either way he doesn't believe you guys would work if you went into a relationship.  You're right to be upset, it doesn't make you stupid.
    Ask him if you think it'd work as a couple and tell him how you feel.

  3. liesl5858 profile image84
    liesl5858posted 3 years ago

    I don't get it when men change their mind and make it look like you are stupid. It is not you who is stupid. I think your friend does not know what he wants. It is not fair that he plays with your emotions. He is the first one to tell you that he likes you. And when you started dating he changes his mind. I can understand why you are confused. Tell him to make up his mind.

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    temptor94posted 3 years ago

    You are not stupid. Your friend is frivolous and fickle-minded. He's obviously been liking you from the start and that's been the basis of his friendship, he slowly wanted to capture your affections completely. But now, he has obviously changed his mind and is trying to get out of the relationship with a really lame excuse.
    If you still like him, it's better to get out of it, even though it may be difficult. Because soon enough, he will do it himself, he has already given a strong hint. Better to spare yourself of the hurt feelings.

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    Anne Brouwerposted 3 years ago

    Hey guys... Thank you so much! Unfortunately I've got another problem now.. He wants to introduce me to his family. Grandparents, uncles and aunts, etc. In my opinion that is something to do with your girl, eh? I hope you don't think I am annoying but gosh why are men so stupid --"

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      temptor94posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Your friend seems to be sending lot of mixed signals. There are 2 things possible here. He's trying to test your commitment level and see if you back off if he tries to introduce you to his family. Or, he's trying to make you back off.

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    krillcoposted 3 years ago

    It may be important to define the different kinds of love...not all love is the same, and they can often get confused, especially if you are young. "Familia' means 'family love, like you love relatives. 'Agape' is the love for friends, and in general, love for the world. "Eros" is romantic, or erotic love. All good romantic relationships begin with agape, and then progress to eros. People of different genders can be in 'agape' love, but may not feel 'eros' love...see? So keep loving your friend 'agape', just because you are not 'eros' together does not mean you cannot continue to be 'agape'.

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      Anne Brouwerposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      You are so right... thanks a lot for this answer!