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What are your ideas on feminine accomplishment?

  1. THarman7 profile image60
    THarman7posted 3 years ago

    What are your ideas on feminine accomplishment?

    A women should have a thorough knowledge of what, to be considered accomplished? Some say that she must have knowlege of music, drawing, dancing and modern languages to deserve the title ("accomplished') and on top of all this she must possess a particular manner of walking, the tone of her voice and her address and expressions. When accomplished a women sets herself as an example for others to follow and becomes the rock to those close to her.   


  2. m abdullah javed profile image79
    m abdullah javedposted 3 years ago

    Hi, for me accomplishment of a woman is to suceed in every role meant for her or she portrays. The accomplishments are (1) as a daughter, comfort of parents (2) as a sister, loving & caring (3) as a wife loyal & intense lover of husband (4) as a mother, exemplary in nourishing her children(5) as an employee, modest & objective... in all her roles she must direct herself as per her conscience, this is how I percieve. If not, all of her knowledge and talents for whose benefit?
    Obviously as a servant of God she must try and accomplish the goal that God sets for her.

  3. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    I suppose it would be refreshing to see "accomplished woman" and the "renaissance man". However it's doubtful we'll many such people during our era of social media, "selfie" photos, and texting.
    Generally speaking for most men everything (begins) with physical attraction. The vast majority of men will not ask a woman out whom they do not find attractive. Therefore any of her accomplishments would not matter in the beginning. They enhance her self-esteem.
    The next thing men look for is an easy going friendly engaging personality. Too often these days a lot of women consider having a good time as being a waste of time. They want to "cut to the chase" in order to determine if he is a potential "keeper" or not. This often turns a first conversation which should be casual and easy going into an "interview" or background examination. Others may choose to "rattle off their accomplishments" and if guys never asks them out they assume they "intimidated" them.
    When in reality the men simply did NOT (enjoy)  their company!
    The art of subtle flirting and having a similar sense of humor is also an attractive quality that men value.  No one has to be a stand up comedian but if smiling or laughing from time to time is a chore she is seen as a bore. First dates should be about establishing whether or not there is chemistry. In fact too many folks have forgotten dating is supposed to be a FUN social activity.
    Bottom line if a man is physically attracted to a woman and she has a friendly personality, sense of humor, and knows how to show she's also interested in him....then all her other accomplishments will be icing on the cake! One man's opinion! smile

  4. DDE profile image25
    DDEposted 3 years ago

    A woman must have an understanding, love, the gentle touch respect, trust and great communication skills to show her true character.