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Do We Love Automatically Or We Learn How To Love?

  1. Henry T Maliki profile image56
    Henry T Malikiposted 3 years ago

    Do We Love Automatically Or We Learn How To Love?

  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    We are initially (taught) to love.
    If someone smiled and insulted you in their native foreign language you wouldn't be upset (because you haven't been taught) that it's an insult. Therefore there is no link between the words and emotion until you learn to connect them. Giving meaning to words elicits emotional connections to them.
    For many of us it starts with us being (told) by our parents to say "I love you" to our grandparents and other family members at a very young age. During our infancy it's all about being "self-centered".
    It's not uncommon to overhear a parent in the background (coaching) their 3 year old child who is talking on the phone to say; "I love you grandma or I love you grandpa".
    Clearly that child has no idea what that statement means!!! Nevertheless he or she (learns) that it "pleases people" when they say it. They also often get some type of reward or acts of kindness in return. This (encourages) them to use the word more often.
    As we grow older we learn about romantic love through books, poems, and movies. Others also (tell us) what it means to be "in love" and how to tell if someone else loves us based upon the way they treat us.
    A person may feel like they can't stop thinking about someone and they want to be with them everyday or can't imagine not having them in their life. The self diagnosis is "I'm in love!"
    We're taught the word "love" encompasses all of those feelings.
    Having said that I imagine if someone were born on a island with no outside influences and they befriended an animal whom they spent years playing with only one day to find it dead.
    I imagine he or she would be overcome with grief. And although they were never "taught to love" the pain they would be feeling for their loss would be the result of having loved.
    In some respects you can't teach a person feelings/emotions but they come to learn how to describe what they're feeling with words such as love, happiness, sadness, or anger.

  3. Henry T Maliki profile image56
    Henry T Malikiposted 3 years ago

    Do we learn how to love automatically, by instinct? Are weborn generous,affectionate and unchanging? No, we are born selfish, irresponsible, thoughtless,inconsiderate and that's just the firstday!From the day we are born we begin to develop into mature adults, but we have to work at it.It doesn't happen automatically.We learn to love by receiving love from our parents, and practicing with our brothers and sisters. As we grow and our horizons broaden, we continue to develop our capacity to love through our interaction with people in all walks of life.

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    Ian Moonposted 3 years ago

    In my opinion we're born as blank pieces of sub-consciousness's totally neutral, but all having our own identity in our pre-programmed face & body..We then learn all of our emotions & feelings both positive & negative off other people, but no one tells us we can control all of them at will or how to do it..Anyway love for me is only a frequency to be tapped into not actually manifested by the individuals, & the individuals will only feel the love if they deserve to feel the love..I'm not saying their given that love as a reward, but more like they have to learn along the way how to tap into the love frequency by been good honest loving people..So i would agree that people have to learn how to love, but they don't actually manifest it themselves it's the universal love their tapping into..For me that's why we're here buddy to gain full self control, & find all the things we love doing for our real life.