What makes alpha men and alpha women attractive to each other? Is it the essenc

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What makes alpha men and alpha women attractive to each other?  Is it the essence

    of power and control that both exude to each other? Is the element of strength and self-confidence that both possess?


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    peter565posted 2 years ago

    What women consider as alpha male are those who are able to play a protector role, but because women's love is base on emotion, they frequently go for what they feel to be alpha male rather then real alpha male. For example, a prime instinct is for women to go for tough guys, but very frequently, they go for male who look or act tough, rather then male that are really tough. And the problem is that most people who act tough, are not really tough (in fact that is why they act tough and join gangs, because they are insecure and fear people find out they are really a weakling) and although most people who look tough are tough, they are not necessary tough and even those who are tough, they are usually not the toughest and the toughest guys usually don't look tough e.g. most special forces soldiers don't look tough, but they are the most elite warriors.  Also in some culture, women tend to be attracted to white male, because US has a white majority and that make them feel white men are alpha male, but frequently after the marriage, the bubble burst and sometime the women ended up divorcing or cheating on the men. In Russia and Ukrain, women have a thing for Asian male, because those area was once part of the Mongolia Empire, therefore women there felt Asian men to be the alpha male, some Asian guys like to brag about how in Russia and Ukrain, Asian guys can get any girl he want, but I as an Asian myself, find it lame, because I've seen what happen to some white guys, after Asian girls realize that ain't alpha male.  Very certain, once that alpha male illusion bubble burst, some of those Russian girls are going to divorce or cheat on their Asian husbands too.