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So the love of my life left me and I want her back

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    Ill be Jon brownposted 2 years ago

    So the love of my life left me and I want her back

    So the love of my life left me and I want her back.  We have a mutual couple as friends and they was having some issues last week so bad that she was actually going to move in with us for a little while.  It never came to that point but my girlfriend told his girlfriend something that he has told me as a secret and when his girlfriend confronted him on what he said he in return told my girlfriend everything I have ever vented to him about in the past 2 years.  I confessed to what I remembered but she says there's more.  It never amounted to anything and I forget all about it.  What do I do??

  2. Aquene Sincerity profile image60
    Aquene Sincerityposted 2 years ago

    If you and your girlfriend have been together for any length of time and she cares about you the way you care about her, she probably is just angry and hurt. Show her how much she means to you. Women like hearing it but we like seeing and feeling your love for us even more. Remind her why she was with you in the first place. Court her like you did in the begin (or like you should have). Ease your way back in, send her flowers to her job (or school) unexpectedly. An edible arrangement if she likes fruit. Show up somewhere you know she will be without telling her, with something you know she likes, even if it's something small. Plan a date for the two of you (not hanging out at the house, a real date) and when you ask her out don't tell her anything...keep every single moment a surprise until it is happening. And when you guys do go out, don't bring up the current issue, only talk about if she brings it up, otherwise just enjoy the time together. The next time you all are together be as honest w her as you were here. Tell her she's the love of your life, those things were said in haste and in the past. You don't remember most of it and just want to move forward with your relationship in a positive direction. I'm sure if you are the love of her life as well, she will come back....Good Luck!!

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    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago

    I have my doubts that this is "real question" but here goes.
    You start off with: "So the love of my life left me and I want her back."
    Sounds very "casual" and disconnected if you ask me.
    It's clear (she) did not see you as being "the love of her life"!
    At the very least a "soul-mate" is someone who actually wants to be with you! People don't leave happy loving relationships.
    "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."
    - Oscar Wilde
    Ideally you will love yourself enough not to want to be with someone (who does not want to be with you!) Life is too short!
    If someone dumps you they're saying: "You're not the one for me!"
    Thankfully there are over 7 Billion people on this planet!
    Odds are in your favor there are more than a few women who would want someone like you. Best wishes!

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    Joshtheplumberposted 2 years ago

    Huh? Ok... So he told you something and it made it back to his girl, so he got you back by spilling the beans on everything you've said behind her back... You can't remember it all and she's gone. Ok. The first thing you need to understand is, while men and women can be equal, they are not the same. Being socially acceptable is way more important to women than you could possibly understand. The reasons why are complex, so I'll just be blunt. The more important you are to a woman, the more likely she will be to lie to you while demanding honesty. Don't hold it against her. Take it as a compliment. Also, she will hold grudges but never be direct about it while expecting you to always forgive her. That's just the way it is. Always trust her to be a woman. She will tell her girlfriends everything, so keep your bro secrets to yourself. Also, her girlfriends will never let on that they know more about you than you do. Ok... Now what to do... Call her while you're in a busy place and she can hear people in the background just to say you're thinking about her and leave it at that. When she calls you later, and she will, tell her what a jerk you were for bad mouthing her behind her back, but don't dare confront her on anything she did wrong. Next time you see her, tell her you were really mad about something else and took it out on her. Really bash yourself for being so stupid. Then, look in her eyes, light up, and tell her she's really beautiful. Then be as quiet as you possibly can.

    Let me know how that goes.