I this how its supposed to be? how do we stop it?

  1. Angie Akumu profile image59
    Angie Akumuposted 3 years ago

    I this how its supposed to be? how do we stop it?

    how is the world far? mothers die while child bearing, children die of diseases before the mature and others of hunger, teenage boys and girls die of drugs and substance abuse, men and women die of untreatable disease including Aids, cancer and diabetes and again the cycle begins.... mothers die at child birth


  2. Amanda108 profile image91
    Amanda108posted 3 years ago

    Yes, I believe that the world is meant to have struggle and strife, obstacles to overcome, unfortunate suffering, crime and - of course - death.

    If none of this existed, the world would be a paradise. Depending on your religion, you may believe this possible someday. But now isn't the time. Regardless of religion, humanity is complicated. People have free will, whether you see that as something God gave us (as I do) or not, and we all are different. Some people will be cruel and do horrible things. Some will inadvertently negatively affect others' lives. All of us will do stupid things now and then.

    Death must occur or the world could not fit all the people in it - in fact some places already have this problem. Overpopulation causes even more starvation and spread of disease. In that way sometimes there is a cycle, as the population drops because of the effects of its initial rise.

    But all this struggling: death that seems to come too soon, natural disasters, changing and ever-present disease and disabilities, and so on; if we didn't have them to deal with, we'd never appreciate the sweet moments, the beautiful things, the stuff and people we love. We would never learn and grow and change by overcoming and suffering and working to get to a better place.

    There are certainly things we can and should work to change, such as making efforts toward stopping the spread of pollution (and therefore preserving food and water sources), helping less fortunate countries have safe water supply, trying to resolve matters peacefully before war becomes a necessity, treating violent crimes seriously, raising our children to grow up with empathy. Scientists and doctors try to cure disease, police try to keep us safe, teachers try to help us bring knowledge to our children, business men and women stimulate the economy, entertainers bring us joy, and so on. Everyone has a part to play, but what that part is comes down to free will. Inevitably some people will make bad choices.

    But ultimately because we, thankfully, have been given independently thinking brains and free choice AND because the world, as in the earth itself, is ever-changing just like us there will always be problems. It's not a matter of fair, but of being alive and taking the bad with the good. We strive to be better and make change where we can, while accepting the things we can't rid the world of - and maybe even embracing their importance in the long-run, however terrible they may be.


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