My Dear Hubpagers, I need your help, Please help me.

  1. Gigglesneedshelp profile image60
    Gigglesneedshelpposted 24 months ago

    My Dear Hubpagers,
    I need your help, Please help me.

    I have been in a 1.5 Yr relationship with a woman whom I love deeply, during the 5th month of our relationship I decided to take a strong step towards being a husband and rented a room from the 65 Yr old she lives with. The night I paid the rent I went to work, she called me with adoration. When I arrived at our "new home" the door was locked and they both came out of the bedroom with their hair looking like beehives. She demands that they have never had a sexual relationship for he is her "pseudo father". But she calls him Babe, Sweetheart, and he calls her his girlfriend. She denies, LOST.

  2. mark kenga profile image72
    mark kengaposted 24 months ago

    why was the bedroom door locked? Why was their hair messy? Why were they in the same bedroom? Why do they call each other with such loving names?
    To most the answer is obvious but you are a man in love. Take some time away from it all(yes even from her ) and seek the answers in your heart with a clear conscious.

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    LoliHeyposted 24 months ago

    You are having an affair.  The woman was involved with and living with someone else.  The woman is using you. Of course, she is messing around with the guy, and will continue to do so.  Kick her out and send her back to the room with the 65 year old she deserves to be with.  Take some time to regroup, and then find a woman deserving of your love and attention.