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Do men treat attractive women differently than ugly women?

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    LoliHeyposted 24 months ago

    Do men treat attractive women differently than ugly women?

    If a woman is interested romantically in a man and he does not reciprocate, will his behavior regarding the rejection be different depending on whether or not he finds her attractive?  Lets suppose that for whatever reason he is not into her, and he's not gay.  Will the ugly girl experience a more rude rejection or complete avoidance like the guy is scared of her, while he is friendly to the attractive girl and keeps her as a friend?

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    peter565posted 24 months ago

    Well, I think it depends on whether he is interest in dating her, so...married men usually would treat attractive and ugly women the same, unless he is the having an affair type. Single guys, if it is places where it is not appropriate for you to hit on a girl (e.g. you are a school teacher and she is ur student. Or if she is ur co worker) otherwise, its unlikely he would treat her differently. Despite men date younger, most felt uncomfortable dating somebody young enough to be his daughter, so, they won't treat girls like that any different, ugly or pretty.

    On the other hand, if we get a bunch of college kids in a party... trust me...the pretty girls are definitly going to be treated better.

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    Wonderfulmindposted 24 months ago

    It is equal in both men and women. It's probably just a human thing to treat someone you are not into different. I do it because I don't want to give the wrong impression to the wrong girl. I don't like to be bothered at the end of the day and when it's from an unwanted person it is worse

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    dashingscorpioposted 24 months ago


    Of course we do!
    In fact studies have shown "attractive" or "beautiful" people get far more breaks and assistance from others than average or unattractive people. People enjoy being surrounded by beautiful people & things.
    If a drop dead gorgeous woman hits on a man he's not going to shoot her down harshly. In fact (mature guys) rarely come down hard on any woman who has the courage to make her romantic interest known.
    We know what rejection feels like and we also rarely experience being hit on by women for the most part. Having said that if the woman is "attractive" the rejection is likely to come with him giving her a smile and explanation.
    Otherwise many men are great at pretending like they are "unaware" of a woman's interest in them. In fact women make it easy to do so because most women are very "subtle". They're afraid of coming off desperate and deep down want the man to believe it was his idea.
    Generally speaking women reject men (directly) and men reject women (indirectly). For example a group of people are in a nightclub with a DJ playing music. A guy approaches a woman and asks her to dance. She says; "No thanks". That's direct rejection.
    On the other hand say there are four women sitting at a table. The guy goes up to one of them and asks for a dance.
    Essentially he (indirectly) rejected the other three women!
    If the woman he chose to ask turns him down it's not uncommon for her friends to reject him should he ask one of them.
    No one wants anyone else's rejects or be made to feel like they were a second choice.
    Naturally indirect rejection is less painful than direct rejection (unless) you're really into someone who behaves like you don't exist!

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      LoliHeyposted 24 months agoin reply to this

      So if I were interested in a man, he found out, and he pretends to be unaware or ignores me, can I assume he thinks I'm ugly?  Are men scared of ugly women?

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      dashingscorpioposted 24 months agoin reply to this

      It wouldn't necessarily mean he thinks you're ugly.
      He may be in a relationship/marriage or you're just not "his type". Sometimes it can even be a woman's personality that keeps a man at bay.
      Everyone has their "list" of desired traits.

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    Abraham Carsonposted 18 months ago

    Absolutely! If an extremely attractive woman expresses romantic interest in a man, it's an ENORMOUS ego boost, no matter if they're interested or not.  It's also likely that very attractive women express interest in him much less than less attractive gals, so this in itself makes it out of the ordinary and quite flattering

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    Rydhyna Dwivediposted 16 months ago

    Yep.. totally. Its human psychology. We always like what we see is pretty.

    But exceptions are always there.

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    Saad Abdulsalamposted 15 months ago

    Absolutely! Most men I've known tend to treat the girls their intrested in specially and treat the once they consider ugly like garbage which is very unfortunate. People should be treated equally