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Ladies: Have you ever been the first person to say: "I love you" in a new relati

  1. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 21 months ago

    Ladies: Have you ever been the first person to say: "I love you" in a new relationship?

    Awhile back there was an article written on this subject which revealed many women are afraid to say "I love you" (first) to men they date. Some feared scaring men away, others feared being taking advantage of if he knew how they felt, and several were afraid of the response or lack of. One woman said she likes to feel "pursued" and believes it's "romantic" when a guy goes out on a limb risking rejection to profess his love first.  Do you have an unwritten rule that the (man) has to say "I love you" first? If so, Why?  Men: Would it bother you if a woman said it first?


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    peter565posted 21 months ago

    Funny story, back in high school I had this girl, I was kind of attracted to, but not very much. One day, we were at the bus stop and she was talking about her senior prom. So, I just said "So, taking a date?" and she said "Yes, you." and I was like "WHAT?" I was literally a bit shock that literally came out of no where and she quickly change her words and said "no, it is this guy from a nearby school I know. and I said "oh, ok." WTF?

    Another time in college, there was this girl I kinda like (let's call her E) and I think she like me too, but she had a boy friend, so I didn't ask her out, but later I learn her boy friend is a jerk, so everytime I saw her I said "dump the jack ass, dump the jack ass." (Not trying to steal her away from him though, I don't steal girl friends, I was just been a good friend.) Personally, I didn't date when I was in college, due to some complex family issue, but I was pretty good at charming a girls (well by the time I was 22, 23), so I have a bit of flirtatious relationship with a lot of hot girls that didn't have a boy friend, in college (but never ask them out) Anyway, one day, I was on the bus with this and she say "Do you know why I always laugh when I see you?" And I said "Um...because you are crazy?" (Seriously starting from day 1 we met, she can't stop giggling everytime we meet, that is why I thought she like me when we first met, but then she ended up stay 2 year with jackass guy, so I figure, na, why would she stay with jack ass guy, if she like me.) and she said "no" and I said "Ok, share your happy mystery" and she said her response laughing very hard while saying it, it was hard to make out what she said it sound like "true lie", so I said "what?" She said again, still laughing so hard I still hear "true lie" And I was like "what??" she said again still laugh very hard and I thought "What the F*** do you mean by true lie", honestly I was thinking she was screwing with me, with her story of dating jack ass guy. so I said "what???" and then she said "don't worry, it is nothing" And I was like "Ok" I was thinking "WTF" after she got off the bus an old lady sitting there said "kid, she said true love" and I was like "Are you F***ed kidding me? I know her for 4 years."

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    ife Orishaposted 20 months ago

    There isn't a written rule but those feelings are true. I went through it all from the fear of rejection to wanting him to say it first because I thought it meant that it was genuine. However, love isn't a game and shouldn't be played as one. With that being said, it doesn't matter who says it first, it matters who responds with "I Love you too" genuinely.

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      dashingscorpioposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      I agree love isn't a game. There is no written rule.
      Have you ever been (the first) to say "I love you"?
      You said if (he) said it first you thought it was more "genuine".
      Maybe there are guys (waiting) who feel the same as you!