Can love change every time?

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    ezba29posted 22 months ago

    Can love change every time?

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    manatita44posted 22 months ago

    Love is synonymous with God. God is (omnipresent) always present; (omniscient) ever knowledgeable, wise, compassionate; loving; (omnipotent) all powerful. God is self-transcending, and so Love is self-transcending. It is in motion, like evolution.

    Each moment is ever new, fresh, a virgin dawn awakening....

    We transcend ourselves constantly on the outer plane: electronics, technology, medicine and science, the family unit ...the outer life is a prototype of the inner life, in a manner of speaking.

    In the same way, we are ever growing in Love. Love is like a flower. A flower is always a flower, but at the same time, it was initially a seed, then a plant, then it bloomed and finally blossomed.

    Again it dies, only to be recycled. Love has many realms and some are infinitely grosser realms. But the man who seeks alcohol is looking for it, just the same as the pious who sits in prayer or meditation. It is all a matter of evolution or growth and transformation, but the Source or Energy or Higher Intelligence, remains the same.

    But yes, ever-changing, ever-transcending. Hope that this makes sense. Much Peace Ezba 29.

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    dashingscorpioposted 21 months ago

    There is no neutral. Everyone and everything changes over time.
    We're either "growing together" or "growing apart".
    Communication is the "GPS" for relationships.
    It lets you know which one it is.
    It's almost a cliché to hear someone say:
    "He/she is not the same person I fell in love with."