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I love you. A misunderstood statement.

  1. Blessed Hill profile image77
    Blessed Hillposted 21 months ago

    I love you. A misunderstood statement.

    Have we lost the power and the depth of these words? Are they used just to manipulate others to get what we want? What do these words mean to you?

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    Norine Williamsposted 21 months ago

    If we are "IN CHRIST," our "LOVE" is as of GOD'S!  "Unconditional!"

    Do you recall the "Prodigal Son?"  The wayward son left fulfilling his desires as the father "WAITED" patiently for his return!  So it is with GOD for HE desires "no one is lost!"  Although, we leave GOD fulfilling our desires, HE patiently "AWAITS" our return, protecting us during all of our "ignorance!"  Now that is "LOVE!"

    As GOD has set the example for "TRUE LOVE," we (flesh) should follow in HIS FOOTSTEPS!  Although we see others as the "Prodigal Son," we should "pray" and "wait" PATIENTLY for their return to GOD doing as HE has "commanded" of us!  HE "commanded" that we "Teach ALL nations,"  "REBUKE" those who have gone wayward and "not suffer sin upon them" (Leviticus 19:17)!  Now that is "LOVE!"

    As we would tell our children "The Fire is Hot," if we "LOVE" our neighbor," we would tell him what the WORD of GOD says in order to receive "Salvation" for "The Fire is Hot!"

    You know, I know you'll probably say "Oh GOD, here she goes again," but "LOVE" comes "naturally" for those "IN CHRIST JESUS!"  I don't know about others, but I see ALL as souls!  Those who speak evil of me, I don't see them as hateful people, but a soul who has allowed a demonic spirit enter and really don't know how to control it or believe it exists.  Ephesians 6:12 says "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." 

    Remember a demonic spirit even entered Peter when he rebuked the WORD of GOD.  Afterwards, JESUS told Peter "Get thee behind me Satan!"  It was not Peter, but a demonic spirit that temporarily possessed Peter because prior to JESUS telling Peter to "Get thee behind me Satan" JESUS told Peter in Matthew 16:15-19 "...upon this Rock I will build my church...!"  Therefore, every soul can be tempted of Satan but the Holy Spirit discerns such and we should remind the soul he rebukes the WORD of GOD!  Now that is "LOVE!"

    GOD, I "LOVE" everyone and only the Holy Spirit is the reason why; not the natural love man "thinks" is love but with the "LOVE" of GOD which is "Unconditional!"

    1. Pacesetter Abbey profile image49
      Pacesetter Abbeyposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you Ms. Norine. You've always used the 'WORD' in response to the world. I Love you Ms. Norine. I Love you.

    2. profile image56
      Norine Williamsposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      ONLY GOD could have put these words on your heart!
      I LOVE you too Lawal and my desire is as of GOD'S "No one is lost!"

  3. Ericdierker profile image54
    Ericdierkerposted 21 months ago

    It is said that in ancient languages there were literally hundreds of meanings of the word love. They were actually different words that had different meanings of our concepts. Today we use qualifiers like "I love you like a brother". Or we might just give a bro hug and say "I love you man".
    I can honestly swear I do not say I love you to my children in order to get something I want - except to let them know or be reminded.
    Is saying I love you to get what you want if that desire is to make a person feel loved? To manipulate them into feeling the love?
    Love sure has a deeper meaning for spouses after they have been married for a decade or more and have children.
    Love has 10's of different meanings for me.
    It truly believe that the context of the use of the word is the measure of the deepness of the power and depth of the word.
    I believe heavily, although I often fail, in brotherly love. Sometimes just saying it out loud helps me to remember it and even feel it.

    1. Blessed Hill profile image77
      Blessed Hillposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Very true Eric, the expression of love is multi faceted.

  4. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 21 months ago

    The words get misunderstood and abuse in many contexts.
    1. An assumption that if you love someone, you are supposed to validate everything they think and support everything they do, even when they hold irrational beliefs or want to engage in self-destructive or immoral behavior.
    2. A mistaken belief that all love is returned. Our society has forgotten that others may merely like you. And it ignores the fact that a woman's desire for emotional intimacy often leads to sex when there are no barriers to such interaction, leaving her vulnerable to repeated use by those who only want sex while she's biologically programmed to fall in love with a lover.
    3. A phrase often used as emotional blackmail. I asked for it, didn't get it, let me up the ante.

  5. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 21 months ago


    It's only a misunderstood statement when people "assume" everyone has the same definition or meaning when they use the statement.
    Most of us have some kind of "litmus test" when it comes to love. "If you really loved me you would...etc" 
    We feel we (know) what love looks like and feels like!
    The reality is there is no (universal way) to define love.
    Lets say a woman is with a man who never complements her, doesn't give her gifts, or rarely make any romantic gestures. She may not (feel) loved. However if an intruder broke in this guy would give up his life to save her. Can anyone truly say that man didn't love her???
    The bottom line is if someone isn't loving us (the way we) want or need to be love we tend to discount their words when they say:
    "I love you."
    "I love you" could mean: "You're special to me and I care about you." Nevertheless it doesn't necessarily mean "I'm (in love) with you." or I think you're "the one"! My search is over!" or "Lets get married!"
    When an entertainer preforms and someone from the crowd yells: "I love you!" and the entertainer yells back: "I love you too!" is it really love? Is there an emotional investment or its just a term of affection?
    When a two year old is on the phone with grandma and the parents can be overheard coaxing him/her to say: "I love you grandma" is it really love? Can you love someone without defining love?
    A while back I heard a radio host state early on when he's dating someone he asks them: "How do you know when you are loved?"
    Based upon their reply he knows if he is potentially right for them.
    Some people don't believe you love them unless you are willing to jump through hoops or do things you dislike in order to please them.
    However if they really loved you would they ask you to do things they know you dislike? hmmmm
    I imagine people's biggest fear is loving someone more than they love them back. Knowing had you done what they did they'd leave!

    1. Pacesetter Abbey profile image49
      Pacesetter Abbeyposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      This is insightful and in-depth.
      Your scrutiny on love is indeed realistic and literal. If only people will understand the dynamism of 'Love.'
      By the way "God is Love."

  6. Blessed Hill profile image77
    Blessed Hillposted 21 months ago

    The way I see there is no expectation for self in that statement. 33% of that statement is I, 66% is you but 100% of it is "I" giving to "you". Selfishness had written volumes between the lines.
    Love is not an emotion it is a decision to give 100% to the need of someone else without regard for self. There is no SELF in "I love you",Just love and you.
    Be blessed everyone.