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What is the correlation between the number of children a couple has & the incide

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    gmwilliamsposted 19 months ago

    What is the correlation between the number of children a couple has & the incidence of marital

    stress, even strife in the household?  What makes childfree & 1-child couples happiest in their marriages & couples of multiple children unhappiest in their marriages?  What are the ways that children cause disharmony, even stress in a marriage?


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    dashingscorpioposted 19 months ago


    I believe in most cases it would be natural to assume that the more children/responsibilities a couple has the more "stress" they'll have.
    The less people living in a house the more harmonious it is! LOL!
    It's also important to note more children equal higher expenses!
    Running around participating in all the various school activities, buying clothes, addressing medical/dental issues, and being concerned with social entanglements at school or with school bullies in addition to always having to be "on alert" about where they go and who they're with along with what they're viewing on the Internet...etc
    Most parents never really stop worrying!
    A couple without children have a few less things to fight about.
    I've yet to hear anyone say their sex life improved after having kids!

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      gmwilliamsposted 19 months agoin reply to this

      Children are natural deterrents to sex. One can say that they are implanted birth control device.  A study done by Alex Comfort, Ph.D. indicated that the more children, the more discordant a couple's sex life is.

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    gmwilliamsposted 19 months ago


    Psychological studies have confirmed that childfree & 1-child couples are the happiest & have the least stress in their marriages.  This is because childfree & 1-child couples can freely explore & nurture their relationship w/o the interference of children.  Couples w/1 child, although they have a child, still have couple time & aren't burdened w/children as couples w/multiple children are. 

    Childfree & 1-child couples also don't have socioeconomic stress. They also have more discretionary income to cover things beyond the rudiments.  They also have the time to develop & enrich themselves culturally & intellectually.  Couples w/1 child aren't taxed socioeconomically as they would be if they had multiple children. 

    Childfree & 1-child couples have a rich, fulfilling love life w/o the constant inference of multiple children.  They also have privacy.  1-child couples not only have privacy for themselves but their child also has the utmost privacy.  Childfree & 1-child couples have the time & space to be individual people aside from being couples &/or parents.   They also have the freedom to explore & express themselves, not to mention use their utmost human potential.

    Parents w/multiple children are stressed in more ways than one.  First of all, their socioeconomic situation is tight.  They oftentimes are stressed because they can't make ends meet beyond the rudiments. They also have socioeconomic parity in their relationship which couples of multiple children DON'T have.  In multichild families, the socioeconomic burden is placed upon the male.

    Couples w/multiple children also have to put their individual goals & desires on hold, concentrating on the children's needs, wants, & desires.   There are also dynamics in multichild families which aren't present in childfree & 1-child families.  There are issues of sibling rivalry & favoritism which impacts upon the relationship of the couple.  Children can manipulate one parent against the other in terms of sibling rivalry & favoritism. 

    Parents in multichild households have no privacy to conduct their own lives as children can be intrusive.  Children are known to be the best implanted birth control barriers.  Studies show that the more children a couple has, the less free their love lives are.  Also living in crowded environment can cause tension & stress between family members as someone is bound to get on each other's nerves.  If one notice, childfree & 1-child couples are in love w/life & are content.  Now, look at the couple of multiple children-they are always SHOUTING & SCREAMING, if not at each other, then at their children. Childfree & 1-child couples look SO MUCH YOUNGER while couples w/multiple children look SO MUCH OLDER-do the math!