How do women check guys out?

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    tushar19posted 12 months ago

    How do women check guys out?

    Do you do it secretly, if so how?

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    peter565posted 12 months ago

    This is so interesting, I remember when I was a kid, female sexuality is seen as taboo in the media. When we were kids, we never seen images of girls checking out guys with six packs, instead, all we ever seen are images of girls who doesn't want to have sex, but feel pressure into sex, because if she don't do it, her boy friend is going to leaven her and an elderly wiser man told her it is her body and it should be her choosing. Otherwise, it is images of, the only way to get into a girl's pants is to manipulate her feelings, telling a whole bunch crap like you want to get married and have kids and then they will jump in bed with you, to try keep you as her boy friend and then you dump her after the sex. And if u went to an all boys high school like me, u really buy into those crap TV media show.

    Then after u graduated from high school, u start more and more realized, what TV tells u, about girls sexual desire is complete bull shit. If u got a six pack, look reasonably masculine and is an athletic, there are going to be girls who wants to jump in bed with u, fully knowing it is a one night stand, but maybe hope u won't brag to ur friend, because she don't want to be seen as a slut, other time, if u can provide a girl with the right sexually romantic feeling for a girl, u still might get laid, (only that is hard to do, and most guys got know idea how to do that) and the trying to get a girl in bed telling her a bunch of bullshit of how much u like kids or u want to get married don't work, because in seriously relationship girls withhold sex for a while, to try get guys to develop actual feeling for her.

    But because how things were back in high school, when we were in our early 20s. We tend to strike out with girls, a lot, not because we are not funny, cool or charming enough, but we were literally that bad at reading signals and because all those stuff we saw on TV, we tend to overthink it, thus hesitate too much, when it comes to making a move, due to what we were been bombarded about female sexuality on TV and the fact we went to all boys school, which mean, most of us, don't know that many girls in person.

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      peter565posted 12 months agoin reply to this

      Opps typo "and most guys got know idea how to do that" meant to say "and most guys got no idea how to do that"