Is he have a crush on me or not? or ts just a normal?

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    potato16posted 10 months ago

    Is he have a crush on me or not? or ts just a normal?

    there was a one guy at my school. he is my senior. one day, he and hes friend were talking with the teacher. then I walked then he suddenly like looks at me. I dont know somehow I feel wierd and akward. im not sure if hes dong an eye contact. then, I walked then he changes hes position to this side which is I think it quite close. I dont know how but somehow I can feel the closeness. does he likes me or not?or its just a normal?

  2. GalaxyRat profile image80
    GalaxyRatposted 9 months ago

    If he likes you, you will know by body language. Keep an eye on the way he moves his body, but don't let him catch you. It will be embrassing for both of you, and you don't want that to happen. Ask his friend! Maybe he knows, and if you're nervous about it, tell his friend to tell him you've got a crush on him or that you like him. Is this dude dating someone? Always take that in mind.

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    dashingscorpioposted 9 months ago

    The real question is: Do you like him?
    It doesn't matter whether he likes you if you're not interested.
    Having said that if he is a (senior) he most likely wouldn't be scared to approach you. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
    You shouldn't have to "figure out" if someone likes you!