Should people not get into exclusive relationship till dating for at least a yea

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    peter565posted 7 months ago

    Should people not get into exclusive relationship till dating for at least a year?

    At Asia, people don't get into exclusive relationship, until they been dating for at least 1 year, unless they already know each other for at least 1 year, before start dating. In west, people get into exclusive relationship ASAP, even if they just met. But the problem of western dating method is, frequently, they easily let somebody they truly like passed them by, because they were dating somebody else and then things don't work out, with this person they are dating or they settle for somebody they don't really like, Is the Asian way of dating better?

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    Agathe Lposted 7 months ago

    well, i'm asian. it depends which part of asian you're talking about. is it east or south east?
    In south east, sex before marriage is looked down upon and i'm sure that's not what you're looking for. Like, even if people do it, they'll be very secretive about it. Or you know, society and religion. I'd say the dating in South East area is bothersome. Like, really. Not just because of the sex before marriage thing. as for the meeting thing, there are people who jump into relationships after knowing this person for a shortwhile.
    As for the east, I'm not really sure. What I know is in Japan, people are likely to date the people they know because they're really polite and work. they're workaholic. i don't think they think about dating as much.

    btw, it depends on the person. what i know though, that americans are more likely to walk up to a girl or a boy and asks for their numbers or something. i don't see that in asia as much lol. hope this helps!

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      peter565posted 7 months agoin reply to this

      Agree, South East Asia culture is more sexually conservative, although, many elderly people told me in their experience, people have more sex in sexually conservative culture and people had lot more sex in their days, where its more taboo then today