Dreaming a unknown girl and making love with her

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    aman gupta1posted 6 months ago

    Dreaming a unknown girl and making love with her

    I justhad a break up and she cheated on me.now a girl is keep coming in my dreams from 3 days sometimes she kiss me some time's I use to sleep on her laps.and when I was In a relationship of my ex also I thought so many times that I would have one more girlfriend for sure.i have never seen this dream girl in my real life I dont know whats is happening with me although I m healing with my break up nd almost I m good now I forgive her already and now I m trying to forget her but what is the meaning of this dream please help me if possible

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    dashingscorpioposted 6 months ago

    Maybe your subconscious is just letting you know life goes on. You'll eventually date another woman and have a relationship.
    Every ending is a new beginning!