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I need a Advice: I had a long distance relationship with my fiance and we alread

  1. ana2693 profile image61
    ana2693posted 6 months ago

    I need a Advice: I had a long distance relationship with my fiance and we already been 1 year.

    Few days after anniversary. We don't communicate much I mean he didn't reply my messages Unlike before  and  now he just read it. Only Good morning  or Only I love you Good night. There is a day that I didn't receive a message from him. Even though he said I love you, however for me when I ask him about why he couldn't reply me, what the reason are you busy ? he won't tell me and I end up sending him annoying messages like maybe you had someone else ? do you love me ? are you really mine ? etc etc.. It's kinda embarassing. But you know I really do love me and I am afraid to lose him.

  2. threekeys profile image81
    threekeysposted 6 months ago

    Hi Anna
    I drew a card from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck and the card Blessed stepped forward for you and your relationship. I asked the question: What is your next right action?
    Here the card said:-
    Have faith.
    If you choose to stay you will be allowing a deepening of intimacy in your relationship.
    I wonder if a part of you feels you are meant to be in this relationship?
    Somehow, you and your partner will build something wonderful together and this love or beauty will spill over into other people's lives too.
    Thinking of you.

  3. Necento anto profile image87
    Necento antoposted 6 months ago

    Hello Anna,
    I can imagine your worries. Long distance relationships are not easy and sometimes it needs more than just love to keep it going.
    When the people whom we love don't communicate like they used to, we get negative thoughts. But we should not assume things and also, be slow to judge. May be your boyfriend is just tired after work or he is very busy.  Sending him annoying messages will make the situation worse. Arguments are not good for any relationship and not good at all for a long distance relationship. You need to have a talk with him about why is communicating less than before, talk to him about how you feel when he is in a good mood and you need to be calm and composed.
    Even though you both are far away from each other, always plan  something together, may be the day you both will meet, going for a vacation together. If you both do not have something to look forward to, the relationship will not take you anywhere.
    You can show him your love by sending him postcards or writing letters, it's a cute gesture and may be it would remind him of the days you spent together and may be he will communicate more.
    When bad thoughts come to your mind, remind yourself why you fell in love with your fiance at the first place.
    I hope everything works out the way you want it. All the best.

  4. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 6 months ago


    Long distance relationships were meant to be temporary.
    The goal is to (be with) the person you love!
    In the past year how many days/nights did you spend together? Oftentimes people confuse calendar time with actual time. A one year relationship with someone you spent 10 days with is not the same as being in a relationship whereby you see other several times per week. In other words a "year" isn't always a "year".
    If there is no "light at the end of the tunnel" whereby one of you will be relocating there is a good chance you will drift apart.
    It's the counting down of the months, weeks, and days until one is finally done with the inconvenience of being in a long distance relationship that keeps it strong!
    You didn't mention either of your ages but if you're young it's even more unlikely for young couples to maintain a long-distance relationship for more than a year. Countless college freshman arrive on campus each year swearing to maintain a long distance relationship with their high school sweetheart for the next 4-6 years while they get their degrees.
    Rarely do they make it past 2 semesters.
    Eventually they want to make new friends, socialize with people on campus, pledge fraternities or sororities and attend various events on campus.
    If you and your fiancé hardly spend time together it may be time for one of you to relocate assuming it's not too late. Sending someone annoying messages or accusing them of cheating makes it easier to dump someone especially in a long distance relationship where you barely see each other anyway.
    It's not as if you can start a fight and makeup like a local couple could. When your mate is upset with you all he has to is unplug.
    It's not a huge leap to go from barely seeing someone to not seeing them at all. You might consider that before annoying him.

    1. ana2693 profile image61
      ana2693posted 6 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you so much for the advice, yes i send him a lot of annoying messages and in the end i say sorry and ask to forgive me for what i done however when i ask if did he change his mind about me he reply me only I love you good night what does it mn

    2. dashingscorpio profile image88
      dashingscorpioposted 6 months agoin reply to this

      It means he doesn't want to talk about it.
      Most likely he didn't think it was a big deal.
      However trust your instincts if (you) believe he has distance himself emotionally from you. After all you know him better than anyone.