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After 25 years of marriage he only asked her for one thing to remove his last na

  1. michememe profile image79
    michememeposted 6 months ago

    After 25 years of marriage he only asked her for one thing to remove his last name? Should she?

    This couple have three children together two are adults and one is still in elementary school. She thinks this is his last attempt at controlling her. His thought is she wanted out, removing his name ensures she is completely out.

  2. Mary Florence profile image46
    Mary Florenceposted 6 months ago

    But it's not his name. When they were married it was his name but when they divorced it's now just a name. It's up to her to keep it or abandon it. He cannot even prove that it's his name.

  3. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 6 months ago

    It is a crude request on his part that puts massive amounts of work on her. And he's likely doing it on purpose. 
    Name changes impact nearly every aspect of your life. Changing a last name alters your driver's license, social security card, professional certifications, legal documents, the name plate on her cubicle. 
    His demand entails days of work for her because he wants to disassociate from her in one more way.
    That is aside from having to explain the name change to hundreds of people like coworkers, the hassle of explaining why last names don't match when she is with her children.

  4. savvydating profile image95
    savvydatingposted 6 months ago

    Wow! That's harsh. What a humiliating request. She should just tell him that what she decides to do is no longer any of his business. What a jerk!