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I got a question for girls. Do girls really need to deal with this crap dating i

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    peter565posted 2 months ago

    I got a question for girls. Do girls really need to deal with this crap dating in the western world?

    Boy Friend/Girl Friend=not exclusive, not committed, not serious, till both people decide otherwise. Husband/Wife=exclusive, committed, serious relationship till both decide otherwise. But in the west agreeing to be BF/GF, infer that you agree to be exclusive, committed and serious with someone, which=stupid/unhealthy  dating attitude especially when u date somebody u just met. I heard on radio today, girls felt many western men=possessive, jealous, once she got a girl, I kept thinking, if that is true, can that contribute to why the western world got this stupid/unhealthy dating attitude?

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    bluesradioposted 2 months ago

    Sometimes these norms are provided by institutions in the west like School, Church and  media..

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      peter565posted 2 months agoin reply to this

      I am also aware jealous/posessive western men are more likely to be abusive, but work harder to try get a girl.

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    peter565posted 2 months ago

    Thanks Marc. growing up in Asia and only returning to the west as an adult, I am continue surprise by some unique things in the west. In my opinion, never every negative attribute to the western world is due to teaching of the church. As a social science researcher, in the university, I continue to conduct research about the influence of Christianity on the western world and may I say it is shocking.

    Today I actually came across an online serman by a baptists priest, that encourage men to be jealous and posessive. WTF? I think the Christian attitude towards marriage is extremely unhealthy. It see women as a property that must in all way be submissive to her husband. I never really understand where the western concept of "Asia is a society where the husband is like a King and wife is like a servant, while the west treat women as equals" came from. Not saying the west treat women like crap, but the bible and those influence by it, for certain treat women like crap and growing up in Asia, I know for a fact the idea of "Asia is a society where the husband is like a King and wife is like a servant' is complete crap.

    In term of religion, I am always in favor of Buddhist and Pagan view on the topic. Buddhist say, your current love life is determine by your past life Karma, what is meant to be your, is your's, what not meant to be your. So, you should learn to allow yourself to love, but also know when to let go. In most pagan religion, it believe, your love life and married life, is fated by the gods, so, if it meant to be your's, you can't escape it, even if you try, if it not meant to be your, forcing it won't help (In ancient Greek, it is determined by Cupid, in ancient China it is determined by Yalow, in other pagan religion, determined by another god) I think, that is such a healthy attitude towards love and marriage, (it is not always easy to do, but it is better) then the Christian view,