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    tastyxxxposted 7 years ago

    there is a saying men are from mars women are from venus and yes its not saying we are aliens just saying well we are so different in what we want how we see things and how we preceive relationships but if we talk about the differences and agree to disagree so to speak we then move on and a relationship can become love

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      Lisa HWposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I don't necessarily believe the Mars/Venus theory.  I read that book, and the way I think and deal with things mostly showed up in the "men's column".  The way my husband thought and did things showed up under the "women's column".

      Besides, I have two sons and a daughter; and what the book said doesn't apply with them either.

      I think how we think has a lot to do with how our families "operated", which things about which parent we most admired (and emulated), which parent we were closest to and the degree of difference in how close we were/weren't to the other.  For example, did our parents have a tendency to solve problems by getting rid of things, or by deciding to hang on and "do what it takes" to get through something.  Which of our parents, if any, were strict followers of rules and never EVER deviated; and which, if any, would consider "going outside" what was considered "the rules" because they saw other factors as more important than rigid rule-following?  Who was a first born, youngest, or middle child; younger sister of two sisters, only brother, only girl, etc. etc. also seem to make a difference, from what I've seen.

      I think if two people could really communicate, listen to why the other thinks as he does, talk about the types of thinking in at Mars/Venus book (even if they don't pay attention to who fits into what category), and the kinds of things I mentioned above; they may not have to agree to disagree because they may find a way to reach a consensus once they listen to input from both.  I think, too, it has to be clear to both that appreciating/enjoying the differences is one thing.  Pointing them out and implying that they're a big problem is another.

      I think love has mainly to do with respect and admiration, though, so I'm not sure who thinks how makes all that much difference in whether love grows.  (But, what do I know....)   smile