Why Online Dating is a Savior to Our Generation

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    affairdetectorposted 7 years ago

    Francis K Githinji  asked:

    Why the Dating Site And Not The ordinary dating approach? Many people demonize online dating but ask me and I will tell you that online dating is the most decent way of finding love. When you are buying something important you window shop all around the shopping malls looking for what you want and comparing prices. You get the best offer without compromising the quality. You deserve the best dress, shoes, the car and also the best partner there can be according to your personality. You cannot sit back and wait for something good to find you sleeping. Not even prayers can give you a good partner if you do not put some effort in to it. Online dating has come to correct the dating mistakes done in the past. It is now possible to get him as you like him. Don’t gamble with your life. It is a sin.

    Is there anything like perfect match in this world? This was our topic of discussion with a group of friends last night. It got me thinking, is there anybody who does what you want without being probed, looks like what you want and compliments you in every way? They all argued that there was no such a person. They said that there is a part of their partner that sweeps them off their ground and there is another side which makes them want to walk away and never turn back. This clearly shows that people are learning to like what they get but not getting what they like. It is very sad to have to put up with a mess because you cannot clear it. That is why couples are in so many unhappy relationships. If only we can embrace online dating services the divorce rate can immensely go down.

    Why am I advocating for online dating? This is because for one, it encourages self identity. When you are writing about yourself it brings a special kind of awareness. When you say that I am a tall lady of light complexion, I am fun loving and adventurous, the words echo in your head and they bring back realization. Spoken words easily and carelessly come out of our mouths but a written word has a more weighty meaning. This help you to be more keen while looking for people’s characters and personalities because you are sure of what you would want in a spouse. Not so long ago, parents were given the responsibilities of choosing a spouse for their children but times have changed a lot.

    Nowadays there are a lot of fun activities like musical live shows, movies and visiting the national parks. You need a person whom you share a view about the world to move on. Online dating makes it possible for the searching party to browse through detailed personal profiles where you will find the peoples’ requirements and preferences and compare with your own. It is very possible to come out of the exercise with a perfect match and live your life with no regrets. It is very painful when a spouse messes your life up. Tolerating your spouse in the name of peace and premature death as a result of emotional stress should not be your portion. Your perfect match is just some few clicks away.

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