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how to let him down

  1. profile image48
    klbff@gmail.composted 8 years ago

    so theres this boy at my school that likes me and the problem is i don't like him at all. not even a little. on last wednsday he was dropping his things and i thought that maybe i should help him out scince is locker is 3 lockers down from me so i said let me help you and he said no i was being nice to him but ever time i said should i help you he said no and then when he got his stuff he started blushing and speed running so now how do i let him down by telling him that i don't like him

    1. SoundAdvice profile image56
      SoundAdviceposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Hi The problem you are facing is not uncommon. You are one of those people who cannot hurt others feelings and feel that saying "no" would hurt them. Here's how to solve your problem.

      Firstly, understand your own feelings. what do you actually feel when you say you don't like him? If you don't like him, why would you wish to help him even after he refused your help. I can understand that you offered to help him because you are a good soul and a kind and gentle person but what you are doing here is giving him wrong vibes.

      You don't like him and don't want to hurt him either so what to do? No need to get upset over the fact that you will hurt him. Just be yourself. Don't offer or refuse help. If he asks then ok otherwise don't go out of the way to help him. Next, say hello or hi only when you meet just by chance. Don't go especially to say hello to him. this way you will show him that he is just a fellowor collegue like all other fellows and collegues at school. If he asks you out or offers help turn down politely telling that you have already made plans, no hard feelings. This will give him an idea that you are not interested.

      If he doesn't turn up to you after the last episode, don't go digging after the matter. Don't ask why he refused or why he blushed? This will again give a wrong impression. Simply be "normal" and usual. Don't ignore him but just be usual. Things will cool down when he sees you did not care or notice his attitude much.

      Lastly, if he does come to you and ask or tell forthright about his interest tell him you appreciate it but haven't thought about it, or see things differently, or are not ready yet.

      Hope this helps. Don't worry yourself too much as this will not help at all.
      Best of luck! Cheers!