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    Tulips-smithposted 5 years ago

    Hi I'd really appreciate as much advice ad possible so here goes my story I met a guy 8 years ago now.  Went into the relationship with a lot of health probes and I also have learning difficulties.  Told him about this before we got togethe

    However four years ago when we moved in together.  I was really not ready to and found it hard to maintain a job, keep a relationship going as I was tired a lot due to my illness etc etc.  All of this caused an effect on the relationship. 

    Anyway a friend of my'n decided to start flirting with me over a year ago now and my boyfriend found out.  Was clearly very upset and I know there was no excuse for my behaviour but our relationship became such hard work with the names he used to call me and argh so many things.

    I guess I kind of enjoyed the attention I got from another guy.

    Anyway we broke up nearly a year ago now but he knows how I feel about him and yes I have got very angry / crazy with him since then but anyway he told me 9 months ago je still had feelings for me but has just been hurt etc etc

    Anyway two months ago now I found out by accident from logging onto his Facebook account that he had just slept with his work manager

    Clearly even though I was upset I never told him I knew about her but three weeks after this event I decided to drop round a small birthday present he rang me that night crying and I feel like has had a break down

    Basically he told me how I needed to take the present back from his house.  How confused he was and how we could not talk again until he felt ok but he swore he would get to know me again

    So i got home that night found he took me off Facebook and everything I text him saying I'f it's over just say so cause he is not being far on my feelings If it is over and he can't say so

    Anyway he told me again no this is not the case but five days later I saw him driving cause he was In car behind me to this girl house

    Now since then we have not spoken apart from him dropping me round a hospital letter and some photo nothing more has been Said about me picking up my things from his house and I've not asked him when are we gonna talk again cause I don't think anything should come from me it should cOme from him

    Should i presume that we are over If we have not spoken properly In so long or what?

    You see I know the break up screwed us both up badly & I know he is still sleeping with this girl & as far as I'm aware they c

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      Tulips-smithposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Him and this girl are still seeing each other.  I dont know If he keeps his social life separate from her so no one finds out about her at work or If he is may be ashamed of her

      Please give me some help and advice

      Ps i should add that my parents have said they think he Is trying to replace this girl with me and may be he is, dunno?!

      Cause I know we might of had a hard relationship but im not sure If he realises how much I've changed recently even just simple things through eating well I'm not tired anymore.

      Anyway as I mentioned above I've kept the rest of my things at his flat no clothes just furniture he knows I want them back If we are over and may be we are I just don't wanna mention picking my things up less he says something to me.  Then again has he really put any thought into my feelings now he is sleeping with this girl??!!

      Thanks again

      Have I lost my boyfriend and may be have to accept that or can I change things around for us

      Thanks so much for any help you can give me