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Gay Men and Straight Women

  1. vintageglamour profile image61
    vintageglamourposted 6 years ago

    Is it wrong to think Gay men are like the new black for straight women?

    It seems like women after a certain age tend to have more or closer relationships with gay men than other women.

    (this is an extreme generalization) but I feel like I'm seeing it more and more...or maybe I'm paranoid.

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      Brenda Durhamposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      The issues of homosexuality and race aren't parallel.

      1. vintageglamour profile image61
        vintageglamourposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        sorry black was not meant in a race manner
        it was meant in a fashion manner

        like pink is the new black--it means it's the new fashion or 'in' thing

  2. brimancandy profile image80
    brimancandyposted 6 years ago

    I think straight women connect with gay men, more than straight men, and even other straight women, because they don't feel threatened by them. And, are more likely to share their thoughts with gay men without it coming back to bite them. As their straight female friends might let something slip in their gossiping with each other on every little thing. Men don't do that.

    Straight Men talk about stuff around women, and women talk about everything that is on their minds, onlt the straight men don't listen to everything they say, where as a gay man might. I know I have been asked by plenty of women, why are you so nice and understanding, when most straight men are jerks. And, that is probably because I do not feel that I have to prove myself to you. Where a straight man will more than likely want you to think he's the best thing that ever walked the planet, so that you might eventually date, or have sex with him. They are also less likely to want to share their true feelings, as most see that as a sign of weakness...or sharing feelings is so gay.

    But, I wouldn't say Gay is the new black. Gay men and straight women have been sharing friendships for a long time. Some of them even end up getting married, because they get so close. But, that never works out sexually, sometimes it does, but very rarley, and he is probably still sleeping with men anyways.

    I have had plenty of straight women ask me out on dates knowing that I'm gay. I can't figure out what is going through their brains. But they do it anyways.