When sex is the glue that holds you together...

  1. shortielynn101 profile image57
    shortielynn101posted 6 years ago

    my current exboyfriend and I have been great friends for years in the past, every once in a while we would have the most amazing sex. Well almost 2yrs ago we started falling hard for each other and decided to "try" having a relationship. Things were shaky off and on. then rocky, more often to where i had left him. But the entire time every make-up was the result of having amazing sex. Well, here we are, 4months later still having this great sex, but not together. i don't know how to be "ready" to be with someone else yet, and to be honest...its just damn good. I would like to find someone who makes me feel this good but i also dopn't want to be labled a whore because of it...ya dig?

    what would you do?

    1. garrettdixon profile image58
      garrettdixonposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Honestly you basically are just using him for sex.  When physical relations become the most important part of the relationship, it is unhealthy.  You need to find someone in whom you can confine and trust in, and them have the sex as a side note, not the main thing.